Round 26 - Sydney FC vs Newcastle Jets 5pm 29/4/2023

Bit of a dead rubber this one, with ladder position unlikely to change unless we take a big loss.

But hopefully a confidence builder heading into week 1 of finals, building on recent good form.

I feel like the Jets have a bit of form in games where their season has just been ended.

Looks like Brattan will be rested because he’s one card away from a suspension (so Retre in presumably).

Apparently Mak also being rested (inshallah Sega gets a start)

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind a few kids get a game. Can see Rodwell getting injured.

I would have no issue with the majority of the first XI being rested and replaced with the NPL kids.

I say ok… sit out the first XI and the coaching staff for at least just this match.

Sadly, I have yet to see anything much from Segecic at A League level that suggests he is up to it. Seems to get overwhelmed, physically (speed, strength), technically and tactically at almost every opportunity. and when he loses the ball (poor decisions), he does not seem to have the lungs or grit to get back and defend. Sad, because he looked great against NPL teams in the FA Cup. Another Hagi Gligor? I hope he proves me wrong but it will have to show soon.
Kucharsky seem to have much more - dribbling ability, decisions, movement and he actually won two headers vs Brisbane against taller blokes. Liked that from the little bloke. Would like to see more and him playing more centrally.

Not surprised the plan is to rest a couple of key players.
I think we’ll see out the regular season with a score draw. 1-1

Rodwell is out. But we may have rested him anyway…

Probably still worth resting Wilko.

It might be only one example, but I remember Sydney smashing them 4-0 back in 2009 in a similar situation. It was the game Milligan was about 100kg and scored an own goal in front of the Cove.


Sydney FC v Newcastle Jets

Sydney FC squad: 1. Andrew REDMAYNE (GK), 2. James DONACHIE, 3. Joel KING, 4. Alex WILKINSON ©, 8. Paulo RETRE, 9. Adam LE FONDRE, 10. Joe LOLLEY, 11. Robert MAK, 12. Pat WOOD, 17. Anthony CACERES, 18. Diego CABALLO, 19. Adrian SEGECIC, 20. Thomas HEWARD-BELLE (GK), 21. Alex PARSONS, 22. Max BURGESS, 23. Rhyan GRANT, 25. Jaiden KUCHARSKI, 26. Luke BRATTAN, 28. Jake GIRDWOOD-REICH, 29. Aaron GURD (2-4 to be omitted)

Ins: 18. Diego CABALLO (return from injury), 21. Alex PARSONS (promoted), 29. Aaron GURD (promoted)

Outs: 6. Jack RODWELL (concussion)

Unavailable: Nil

Newcastle Jets squad: 1. Jack DUNCAN (gk), 2. Dane INGHAM, 3. Jason HOFFMAN, 4. Manabu SAITO 5. Matthew JURMAN (co-captain), 7. Trent BUHAGIAR, 9. Beka MIKELTADZE, 10. Reno PISCOPO, 11. Jaushua SOTIRIO, 14. Mohamed AL-TAAY, 17. Kosta GROOS, 18. Daniel STYNES, 19. Callum TIMMINS, 20. Michael WEIER (gk), 22. Philip CANCAR, 26. Archie GOODWIN, 30. Noah JAMES, 32. Angus THURGATE, 33. Mark NATTA. 39. Thomas AQUILINA

Ins: Nil

Outs: 6. Brandon O’NEILL, 25. Carl JENKINSON

So what’s the concussion protocol? Why do you miss a week yet are allowed to play minutes after taking a knock?

Great day out to end a horrible season. I remember leaving that day not feeling terribly optimistic about the future. Little did I know that the very next season would be the most enjoyable I experienced and the best days I ever had.


Surely, SURELY Gurd has to start?

Only way Gurd gets a start is if Wilkinson is rested.

that’s generally how it works?

I’m just pointing out its highly unlikely Gurd is getting a start over Donachie. It would require Wilkinson to also be out.

Wow. Philip Cancar’s stay at Livingston was short-lived, wasn’t it?

Looks like we’ll be finishing the season, the same way we started it. In the pissing rain

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…and losing?


I was going to say in front of a decent crowd….but nah…