Round 27 Discussion - yep the season is still going

Thursday 2pm - Roar vs Adelaide
Friday 7:50pm - City vs CCM
Saturday 7:50pm - WSW vs Melbourne
Sunday 7:00pm - Perth vs Nux

I’m not sure on the math for the 4th through 6th (maybe someone can fill this in below?).

Having an Anzac Day game at 2pm is a nice idea but without advertising, who the hell is going to watch?

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6th is done and dusted unless the goal difference between City beating CCM and Welly losing to Perth is more than six goals. I don’t see that happening, and I don’t see Adelaide dropping points to Brisbane, so I’d say 4th to 6th is sealed. Really the only possibility of it changing it is if Adelaide slip up and Welly win, in which case Welly would finish 4th and Adelaide 5th.

Interesting story Harper introduced of the seemingly overlooked contribution football made during the First World War… eg Arthur “Bull” Jennings (Adamstown), gassed (& latershot in the leg) on the Western Front, recuperating in London gets asked to play a match for Chelsea and scores a bloody hat trick!

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We go again. 1-0 Adelaide after 4 minutes. Mileusnic heading in from about 4 yards out.

Roar suddenly up 2-1

I couldn’t be more into the HAL and had no fucking idea this game was on already. Logged on to find out what time KO was and find it’s already HT.


Andy Harper is such a drooling moron.

Worlds worst Panenka?

Some good young players for Brisbane

One of the most pure HAL things to ever happen. Goes for a panenka, absolutely fucks it, still dribbles in.

Brilliant stuff.


The goal from Goodwin was a real belter.


Fowler right about now:

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How many times can the A-League hit peak A-League in a single season?


If Fowler is paying any attention at all his first point of business should be to get rid of Jacob Pepper, for mine comfortably the current worst player in the league now Sotirio is unsighted.

Also, isn’t that now the worst defensive record in HAL history for Brisbane? I recall them saying in recent weeks CCM conceded 70 once, with 5 today Brisbane have gotten to 71 in 27 games.

Second priority should be signing a new keeper, FMD.

Yes but he’s not Nick Meredith.
Who’s probably assisting a two up game in a car park in Ipswich or similar desperate place.

I’d prefer to believe that he’s using the day off to read up on the Laws of the Game.

I’m watching the replay now. That one-on-one from Charles. That is a bad miss. If only he took that on his left foot, he’d have broken his duck. I guess Izzo saved it, but still should’ve scored.

the lack of game time for charles at a struggling brisbane is fairly telling for me… we got grief for not playing him enough but perhaps he’s just not up to the level