Round 27 - Newcastle vs Sydney FC - 27/04/19

Final regular season game of the year which is a dead rubber. Corica has signalled that there will most likely be rotation.

Who do you want to see out there?

Gees, that’s an interesting question. I wouldn’t mind any of Ivanovic, Devlin, King, van der Linden, Austin and Heward-Belle getting some game time, with hopefully many of those actually starting. You can only really lose by playing your entire first team four days after their exploits in China, and risk one or two players getting injured for the finals. It also gives the senior players listed there some much-needed match fitness just in case we get a few injuries over the next few weeks. Alternatively, may the football lords help us if one of the CBs gets injured.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for Sydney to win every game, but we need to look after our players, even taking into account we will have next week off and thus have more time to recover before the next ACL game.

This game means nothing, we played a few days ago. Obviously Corica won’t do this but if he plays anyone who played midweek we are risking injuries prior to semi final.


Scibilio Tratt van der linden king

Austin DDS Devlin Swibel

      Ivanovic  Lamberton

Totally forgot about Tratt for some reason. I really don’t think we need to overdo it like that (I don’t even know some of those names, frankly), but its for certain we won’t see a full-strength team.

Fuck it. Let’s play an entirely 2nd XI

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I’d love to see Devlin get a start for this one. Deserves a real go to show he’s got a future.

Its also fair to say if someone like McIlhatton doesn’t at least come into the extended squad for this game, when are we ever going to use him? He seems rated by some on here and seems to be a key player in our youth squad.

My preference would be for me going “who?” for 90mins.

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McIllhatton is at APIA now.

I think theres some players that we dont need to rest but Id like to see a nice blend of some regulars, squaddies and some youth. Id have something like

Grant Tratt Calver King

Bench: Cisak, Jop, Tilo, Devlin, Teague.

Cacereres/Retre gives us a chance of a potential future CM pairing

Thanks for clarifying. Sydney FC should probably take the guy off the roster page, then!


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I’ll be disappointed if I recognise more than 3 faces in the starting line-up.

I have watched most of the NPL games and the player I would most like to see given a run is Marco Tilio. Scibilio also would be interesting to see,

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Would like to see Ivanovic, Tratt, King, Devlin and Cisak get a run. Preferably all to start.

Does Corica even know how to rotate?

No Caceres, no De Jong selected. Zullo and Brosque still out.

Newcastle Jets Squad: 1.Glen MOSS (gk), 4.Nigel BOOGAARD ©, 5.Ben KANTAROVSKI, 6.Steven UGARKOVIC, 7.Dimi PETRATOS, 9.Roy O’DONOVAN, 10.Ronald VARGAS, 11.Kwabena APPIAH, 13.Ivan VUJICA, 14.Kaine SHEPPARD, 18.Johnny KOUTROUMBIS, 20.Lewis ITALIANO (gk), 22.Lachlan JACKSON, 23.Matt RIDENTON, 24.Joe CHAMPNESS, 28.Pat LANGLOIS, 32.Angus THURGATE, 44.Nikolai TOPOR-STANLEY two to be omitted
Ins: 4.Nigel BOOGAARD (promoted), 10.Ronald VARGAS (promoted), 23.Matt RIDENTON (promoted)
Outs: 25.Jack SIMMONS (omitted)
Unavailable: 3.Jason HOFFMAN (ankle - TBC)

Sydney FC squad: 1.Andrew REDMAYNE (gk), 2.Aaron CALVER, 4.Alex WILKINSON, 5.Jop van der LINDEN, 6.Josh BRILLANTE, 8.Paulo RETRE, 9.Adam LE FONDRE, 10.Milos NINKOVIC, 11.Danny DE SILVA, 13.Brandon O’NEILL, 16.Reza GHOOCHANNEJHAD, 18. Jacob TRATT, 20.Alex CISAK (gk), 21. Mitch AUSTIN, 23.Rhyan GRANT, 24. Cam DEVLIN, 25. Joel KING, 31. Luke IVANOVIC. two to be omitted

Ins: 5.Jop van der LINDEN (promoted), 24. Cam DEVLIN (promoted), 25. Joel KING (promoted), 31. Luke IVANOVIC (promoted).
Outs: 17.Anthony CACERES (not selected), 22.Siem DE JONG (not selected).
Unavailable: 3.Ben WARLAND (ACL - indefinite), 7. Michael ZULLO (hamstring – 1 week), 12. Trent BUHAGIAR (ACL – indefinite), 14.Alex BROSQUE (heel – one week), 19. Chris ZUVELA (ACL – indefinite)

So questions need to be asked about the decision to leave Brosque on for 35 ineffectual minutes after he pulled up injured scoring in the derby.

What the fuck was that about? Is this kind of injury one where bashing on it at game intensity for over half an hour doesn’t have an adverse effect? I’m no expert on these matters and am happy to be corrected on it, but it seems an odd decision.

You’re absolutely right. It also cost us the game as there were a couple of good chances that Brosque couldn’t chase down because he was crocked. If we had gone up 2-0 if would have been game over. Instead we drew and Brosque is now out for several weeks on the edge of the finals. Mind boggling decision making from a manager.

I love Brosquey but it was a big demonstration of player power.

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