Round 27 - Sydney FC vs Perth - 28/4/24

Finally, back to playing after a week off.

But that’s all preamble to the main event of the toddler race finale.


It’s nice that the club will be putting on pre and post toddler race entertainment in the form of a kick about by 22 players.

Hopefully the pre-race entertainment is engaging enough for the hysteria to build, before 15 minutes of fast paced, high intensity, nail biting excitement and then we can enjoy a further 45 minutes of post-race calm.

Is there any word on VAR for the toddler race? We simply can’t stand for another shocking decision like that ankle tap from behind on Slowey Jnr that went unpunished. Toddler races are being ruined under the current administration and the fans demand consistency!

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Be careful what you wish for. VAR has the potential to destroy the flow of toddler races.

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Will the surface be adequate for the toddler race? A firm, unblemished surface free of divots, dead grass and paint markings is esentiall. Will the SFS Trust/VNSW be trusted to put out a quality surface worthy of high quality, youthful athleticism?

Let’s just say, the surface will be a factor

Concerned about rumours of doping that we discussed recently.

Very concerning news on this one! I’ve reached out to Sports Integrity Australia and they’re claiming to have no knowledge of the allegations. Disgusting hearing that there’s government endorsed drug cheating in toddler racing in Australia

Red cordial is not a drug. I’m sick of this stigma


spoken like every red cordial addict in history!


Guess an advantage this weekend is Victory and Macarthur play ahead of us, so we will at least know positions 3 and 4 and whether we can get a home final with 4th (would need a Macarthur loss)

City play after us and can overtake into 5th if Sydney don’t get a win.

The filth are officially beyond our reach for the regular season, as they’re four points ahead. A draw for Macarthur is enough for them to wrap up a home final.

We need to make sure we don’t mess this game up, as well, as a win for City would be enough to pass us if we don’t win against Perth. Goal difference is not in our favour compared to City.

We ask for an examination of the grassland

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As long as the Wanderers crap out, I am happy. Them missing the finals would be wonderful

As for Sunday, a win heading into the finals… some controversy in the toddler race… it has the makings for a great day out


It might well mean Rudan is out of a job. As fun as it would be to see the Stigma continue to limit themselves, it would be a bigger win to see Rudan fuck off from Australian football entirely.


If we win and Bulls lose to the Nix we get a home elimination final.

3-0 win.

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We’re gonna win 7-1.


There was a significant part of the season where I thought finals weren’t on the cards for us, at all.

So this is an absolute coup tbh.