Round 3 - City vs Sydney FC - 3/11/23

Is the season over yet?

The loser of this game will be the first coach to be sacked.

Like THC infused beef, the stakes are high.


City are currently one of the few teams who look worse than us.

So we’re probably going to get arse blasted.


Under a month from delivering a trophy using a nice mix of youth and experience, Corica would be a long way from the sack. And I say that as someone who’s never been totally convinced.


Exactly. Under a month from winning a trophy, having built a nice looking squad that arguably should be competing for top 4 spot this season.

Under a month from that, to being second last on the ladder, without a single point or goal being scored, 5 goals shipped. If that wasn’t bad enough to start off the season, we’ve had two awful performances, showing nothing of the promise shown in the cup run, with enough bloopers for JayFC to come out of annual blooper retirement.

Now the silver lining is, we’re only 2 rounds into the season, plenty of time to catch up. But the question remains, how on earth in the space of less than a month, have we gone from looking like potential title contenders, to a bunch of 035s playing hungover on a Sunday morning.

You can’t say Jack Crockedwell or Joel King being out are the reason. You can’t say the lack of Kealey Adamson is the reason.

You could potentially argue we never looked that good in the cup if you take your sky blue tinted glasses off.

I love Corica. He’s a club legend, but he’s gone from potentially redeeming himself, to being knee deep in it again, just 2 games into the season.


Oh yes we can!

Anyhow I’ll add two more considerations into the ring for Corica in/out:

  • A table two rounds in is practically worthless
  • BUT , we are already FOUR points outside the six!

To be fair… Missing Rodwell and King from the defence is a fairly significant issue.

Also, as has been said previously… Corica cannot be blamed for Bratts having two major brain farts or JCP getting steamrolled (when he has looked one of our most physical players), or Redmayne having an airswing

Its not wrist slitting time just yet… give it three more games before we get there


Normally I would wholeheartedly agree. Sure losing your opening 2 games of the season is never nice, but as mentioned there’s plenty of time to redeem things.

However it’s the manner in which we’ve lost both opening games that is the major concern for myself and I’m sure others. We can’t even pull an England and claim moral victories. We’ve looked a shell of a team from what we did a month ago.

Aye, granted. But signing Rodwell in the first place was a significant issue. Since we’ve gotten him, we’ve haven’t even bothered to bolster the defense significantly to cover him when he goes down. JGR has done bravely, but it’s the old putting a round peg in a squad hole.

No, but he appoint him the captain of the team. And Bratten is renown for his brain farts, and quite frankly inability to tackle.

Granted, he can’t necessarily be blamed for this, but given he landed back home from sitting on the pine for 180 minutes a little over 24 hours from the opening game, surely opting to let him sit the first match out would have been the sensible decision given jet lag.

As mentioned earlier, I’ll always love Bimbi, he’s a club legend. But he’s making it harder and harder to keep defending him.


Adelaide were winless after 8 games in 2015/16 and then went on to do the double.

We’re obviously repeating that.


We are all in agreement that we are a far better team with Rodwell. JGR is clearly a stop gap - shit happens in a salary capped league

Aside from the comedy airswing, Redmayne was outstanding - made some great saves. Leaving him on the bench may have saved us from the airswing but we’d have conceded elsewhere

Bratten being captain or not, and his inabilty to tackle, doesn’t stop him falling over or not trapping a ball.

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City just lost by twice as much as us and we’re still gonna get fucked.

And given their history they’re not going to stay the night and make us breakfast in the morning. Probably won’t respond to our calls as well.


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Corica isn’t getting the sack in his last year of his contract.
I don’t see him getting another extension. There’s a ready made replacement sitting next to him in the dugout so I think we’ll just see this season out regardless of results.

I’m surprised Rado has made it this far though. He’ll be gone if we beat them this weekend.

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We have a team of kids. I’ll reserve judgement until Round 5 or 6.

If he survived the hilarity of recent seasons he’s not getting the sack, ever.

At least four of our five goals came from pretty significant individual mistakes. First order of the day has to be to remove those. I still think moving JGR to midfield and moving Gurd to CB will provide a much better balance and leave us a bit less open. Burgess has been really poor for the first two games and should be on the bench.


I think missing Rodwell is behind each of the last six goals we’ve conceded in competitive games. His record when playing for us - 8 wins from 13 starts - suggests without him we’ve struggled., and just visually we don’t look good without him.

I think even if Corica gets one of the A-league title’s this season, Corica will walk himself or the club will force him to go.

Don’t think Zdrillic is sitting there for long considering he’s gone from Genoa assistant to Sydney assistant.

Pretty sure Talay is sniffing around in the background

City look terrible.
Home win.

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Fuck me, round 3 is way too early for me to feel this defeatism.