Round 3 - Sydney FC vs Adelaide - 23/10/22

I don’t think Adelaide showed much in their last couple of games so this is a good opportunity for us to carry our form forward.


Optimism has no place on this forum!


From what I’ve seen, this looks like it might be their most Goodwin+10 season yet.

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Yeah shutdown Goodwin, give ball to mak and lolley = success.

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An improvement from last time at least:

Bloody hell. Bom (and yes, despite their recent request not to be called that, I’m saying it - BOM) are hardly covering themselves with glory for us again: “most likely later in the day” FFS

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Is that 3pm or 10pm? Both are later in the day.

When you’re up at 3.30am feeding babies, 8am is later in the day.


I’d settle for anything not involving a monster capitulation. Last time against them at Kogarah was probably the lowest ebb of the season, being the final nail in the coffin containing the rotting corpse of our false hope. Pretty sure we also threw away 2 points after being 2-0 up and cruising against them the time before that at Leichhardt?

Fuck Adelaide. Beigest town in the country, if it wasn’t famous for being Australia’s meth capital you’d never have even heard of it.

Alas, I won’t be attending this as will have family commitments to attend to in the parish of Matt Simon, but will keep my phone off, and fingers crossed by the time I get home in the evening the game will have been uploaded by Paramount.

Adelaide haven’t shown much in their opening two games. They were pretty tame against the Bulls.

We’ll either win comfortably, or we’ll play fucking shithouse. I would like to see Wood or Parsons start over Le Fondre. Sure, he may have scored one of his two penalties last week, but he needs to be dropped to get some fire in the belly.

Is Wood fit enough to start?

Wood needs to sit out until his hair has corrected itself


(Rain dependent I presume)

You can always depend on the rain when Sydney play.

We should go play in Africa and drought affected areas of the world. Our style of play is just rain dance.


That usually only happens just before they replace the turf no? So it could be a bit rough…

Typically you don’t want flood to follow drought mate!

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Fake news!

So as expected no Rodwell in the squad list

Three games in - a tenth of the season already - without making an appearance.

Not surprisingly really. The whole world knows he is injury prone. Not sure why Corica went for him. Massive gamble that looks like it is backfired