Round 3 - Sydney FC vs Newcastle - 4/12/21

I feel like this is where we find out if we are a team that’s going to be looking to fight for the six or if we are going to be well below that level. Newy we’re pretty good in their last game and if they show any sort of desire against us we’ve got to meet that.

Preview is up now:


Was at CommBank on Sunday and they definitely should’ve put three or four past Western Suburbs. I’m confident Corica will get us up for this, but we can’t go in thinking Newy will just roll over for us.

Yes,Jets let 2 points drop last round.Wanderlusters were terrible in the first 45.There best player was Jurman with the best assist West’s will see this season.

Definitely a banana skin game for FC,Kosta will be back with Elvis on the bench to replace him.Will be interesting to see how Hoff goes and when he gets on.

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Newcastle outplayed a Wanderers side that I think in retrospect made us look good. Big game for us, we lose this and confidence will be down the drain. Tipping a draw.

Surely Burgess will at least get the chance to start the match.

Instead of Ninko?

Is anyone here more or less likely to go to this due to the exposure last week plus Omicron?
I have no intention of changing my plans (and staying home), just wondering what the consensus is?

Omicron or exposure hasn’t made a difference to my plans to go.

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No difference here. I went and got a test after Tuesday’s alert came through, only due to an absolute abundance of caution as my office re-opened yesterday after WFH for 5 months and I really didn’t want to be the guy causing it to shut again on the first day back. :joy:

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Too keen to not go.


Match preview is now up:

Flick the switch. Push the panic button. That’s the urge right now, after three unconvincing performances full of frustration.

Some were already anxious about an ageing squad playing over-familiar football. For others, Luke Brattan’s ACL was the last, tragic straw. But the dire loss last weekend, when Macarthur suffocated the Sky Blues into a cold, windy submission, escaped no one …

I’ll add the squads once they’re announced.


I’m not changing my plans to attend this game but depending on what happens with any potential cases of omicron in the Central Coast I may not go up there the following week.

7.45pm kickoff? Should be able to make it.

The risks of COVID certainly makes one a little concerned. I mean I’ve accepted the fact that COVID in whatever variant, or Greek/Latin name they wanna call it, will always be around in the community, and the chances are I’ll catch it eventually. All you can do is look out for yourself - wear your mask, social distance where you can, and if you see somebody coughing and spluttering all over the place, call the police and report them as a biohazard risk.

I’m thrilled at the football being back, it’s great for my mental health, and certainly feels like life is somewhat returning to normal.

Hopefully Corica has put a rocket up their bums this week. Last Saturday night display was nothing short of atrocious. Newcastle at home historically has been a favourable match for us, but they’ve improved a lot under Pappas, and their foreign quota is a bit better than I think a lot of people were expecting. If we play like we did last week, it’s going to be a lot more difficult than it should be. Injuries to key players or not, we’ve still got quality across the park, so I’m hoping for a win for the good guys, and a few goals to get our season kickstarted.

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Day before the game, in round 3 and there’s like 5 posts in the pre-game thread…

The tension is palpable!

Kosta for Elvis.
Wood for Trent.
Much better performance.

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It is, because no one is sure if we’re in a slump or not?

I’d put $5 on an unchanged lineup.

If there’s one thing corica knows how to pull, it’s a surprise.


I know, right?

The most uncertainty in years!

Totally possible.

Corica sees it as 1 bad performance. He was happy with our game against the Wanderers (so was I, but I think my expectations are lower).