Round 3 - Western Sydney vs Sydney FC - 26/10/2019

Biggest derby in ages, and probably the first sell-out since 2017. This would be the first time where both teams actually seem fairly evenly matched in a long time, at least based on early season form.

Fire the fuck up.


Frothing. Bring it.

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I know it’s going into round 3, but I believe it’s the first time it’ll be 1 vs. 2 on the ladder.

Not really as excited for it as I thought I would be. I guess years of spanking them have taken the spice out of the fixture but maybe the noise at Bankwest will change that for me.

Georgevski has been very good for them and Meier is obviously class but unfit. Not a lot else I rate in their side. Hard for their fullbacks to bomb on with our pace up front and Wilko and McGowan are Socceroos so should be fine so feeling good.

Blasted, etc.

I rate Schwegler & Duke, probably their only two players that would make our side (over Brattan and current Kosta respectively). The rest I wouldn’t piss on and we should boss midfield, AB just gonna have to watch his ankles.

Zullo a huge loss if he’s still out but.

I wouldn’t replace Duke with Kosta. Kosta is awesome

Right you are. We’ve played 17 top-of-the-ladder matches, against:

Adelaide (3 in 2005-06)
Brisbane (1 in 2015-16)
Gold Coast (2 in 2009-10)
Melbourne City (1 in 2016-17 and 1 in 2017-18)
Melbourne Victory (1 in 2006-07, 3 in 2009-10 and 2 in 2016-17)
Newcastle (2 in 2017-18)
Perth (1 in 2018-19)

Overall record: 8 wins, 5 draws and 4 losses


Its close but yeah average Brattan and not settled Kosta maybe at risk for Duke and that German CM. All their new players are gonna be amazing against Perth in January which leaves them with months of being useful this season.

Im desperate for us to score a porn team goal (like the Adelaide one) and have ABJ large it.

Will happily take any sort of win… be good to get an early goal to get the RBB frothing about a conspiracy, preferably via VAR

Hmmm. Forgot about conspiracies.

25 pass move with an absolutely clear offside against ABJ that is not given and then VAR fails? Then cuts to then crowd to see Vedran looking resolute.

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Jurman worries me a bit as he looked really good last week and is good at the defending arts that Wests have been poor at in recent years.

However, there is a sadness in his eyes which belies a deep unhappiness that he can’t be with the one he wants to be with. He’s telling himself a lie that he can keep turning out for them, and wears their shirt like David Hicks wore that Guantanamo jumpsuit. This sickness in his soul will manifest itself in two ways - rage will take over and he’ll be a colossus, shielded from any harm by his inner pain, or he’ll withdraw into his melancholy and feebly resign himself to watching those he truly loves humiliating him and his trashy, unlovable new partner.

Here’s hoping for the latter.


Jurman is the ultimate old school defender. Committed and strong but cannot pass. Watch us press everyone other than him so he can lump it directly to Brannerz. It was glaringly obvious for us and Bimbi will obviously play to his weaknesses. Kosta and Alfie will burn him for pace.

As with most HAL games with big audiences it will be a boring and defensive affair. Hope I’m wrong

Just hope we don’t try play long balls over the top and hope Kosta runs onto it, jerman will clean everything in the air. Against Wellington after 15 min we lost our shape and structure, they outplayed us.

Have a spare ticket for the GA section on south side of the stadium near the cove. $30 via PayPal and I’ll email it through to you.

Can anyone tell me what bay/s the cove and away section is. I’m bay 211, hoping I’m not surrounded by too much red and black. Though it’s quite satisfying celebrating a goal amongst opposing fans.

As long as it isn’t for something reckless, I wonder if we can keep this dubious streak going…

  • Rd 1 - ADL: Straight red for Ryan Strain (pulls down Alf in front of the box)
  • Rd 2 - WEL: Straight red for Liberato Cacace (hacks Caceres)
  • Rd 3 - WSW: Straight red for ??

I wonder what our record for most consecutive games where the opposition has received at least one red card is?

@Rowdy ?

Yep, some genuine excitement for a derby for the first time in years.

Will be a fascinating contest. Fans to be evenly split, plenty of attacking talents on each side, some genuinely exciting and pacey wingers, both keepers are class too.

Prediction: an extremely hard fought 0-0.