Round 4 - Adelaide vs Sydney FC - 11/11/23

Well this just became way more interesting. I assume Zdrillic will take over as interim?

Hang on what, Corica gone?
And Nestaroy suspended, things are looking up!

Our turn for a new manager bounce, maybe


If we just sack every manager after one game we might win the tittle with constant new manager bounces


It’s certainly a shock. But I think a new manager bounce might just be what we need.

Sydney FC 7-0 Adelaide.


So Rude Bouncy Ball. GIF - Gym Ball Fail Bounce - Discover & Share GIFs

Our new manager bounce


I’d like to apologise to the forum. It’s all my fault.

I’ve been backpacking across Europe and Africa since the start of October, and I forgot all about bringing my lucky sky blue undies. The lizard people managed to counter their magic for the cup final, but it sadly wasn’t enough for Bimbi.

The good news is I’ll be back in the country on Friday afternoon, and to atone for my sins I’ll be wearing them the entire weekend.


I’ll be flying back to Sydney on Saturday, which I believe means that we’ll lose by multiple goals.

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Any good places in seminyak to watch the aliga? YouTube work over there?

Want going to bother, but have to now.

With a vpn it should work anywhere!

In the words of Weird Al, there’s VPN (Very Probably No) way to watch from there…

I’d advise you to double check the spelling of that link when you use it.
Auto-correct will take you to another site that will have similar levels of arse blasting but is a little less family friendly.

Is that YOUR auto-correct, or ours?

Yeah, that seems like an @eddie specific issue.


For those who appreciate round numbers in base 10, this will be Sydney FC men’s 600th competitive game


Weird to think that Steve Corica had been a part of, at least around 599 of those…


The next home derby will be my 400th attendance, with Corica off the payroll I’ve finally got a chance of catching him.

Shane for the sack next, please. :wink:


Not my fault the offseason is so long!

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Wasn’t he just youth squad coach for a bit?