Round 4 - Macarthur vs Sydney FC - 29/10/22

I can see us getting battered here. Those skilful forward players against our backline is going to get ugly.

Calling it now. Easy win for the good guys in front of about 100 people and a couple of cows


Making my first trip out to Campbelltown for this one.

Managed to score some free tickets from Macarthur (one of their youth, Jesper Webber, who was on the bench for their game against ADL and got some minutes in a couple of Cup games, is a friend of the family); so unfortunately I’ll be amongst the cowbells rather than the away bay.

Caballo will need to be better than he was on Sunday, with the likes of Toure & L.A. Rose bombing down the right side. Not sure if Davilla is back for this one, or still out?

Very keen for this as I live a cool 10-15 minutes away.

Good chance this will be the twins Sydney FC debut. Although the lack of parenting facilities at the ground may pose an issue, and will possibly be a late night for them. The missus wants to take them, but could be a logistical issue.

Are Macarthur still charging an arm and a leg for tickets?

37.50 with the member discount.

No wonder why they have no fans.

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I thought about the trek up the Hume but at $37.50 a ticket !!! i’ll watch on Paramount instead,
Haven’t forgotten the $265.00 fine for parking on a bit of waste ground the last time i was at Campbelltown, Pricks

you’re going to have narrow it down there…


Sounds like you parked on their pitch at the start of last season.


Just be glad you didn’t return to your car to find your wheels missing and it sitting on bricks.

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$10 jr ga tickets :shushing_face:


In that area, the bricks would be sitting on bricks…

More likely to be sitting in the car, surrounded by broken glass after the locals have used said bricks to break into the car because you left a couple of 10c coins in the center console.

Much as I’d like to continue heaping shit on that area my car was once broken into in Potts Point because my wife had left a teaspoon in the console :joy:

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My car was broken into in Potts Point to steal a baby bag filled with nappies etc.

That’s no surprise really given Darlinghurst and King X are next door and is still a junkie haven.

I got a fever…
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When we lived in Ashfield, my brother bought himself a Mazda 3 MPS (salary sacrifice). Woke up one morning to find it had fallen off the bricks overnight. They’d hit a number of the exact same cars that same night.

There was damage to the car, sent it off for repairs for 2 weeks. When he got it back, drove to the city for dinner. Got out of his car, moved the laptop into the boot. When he came back, windows were gone and laptop was taken.


I mean, it’s a derby in the sense that it’s two teams from the same city.

But in terms of a rivalry it’s minimal at best. I don’t think too many Sydney fans see it as a derby.

It can be a derby for them, but until they can rival us both on and off the park, it’s a just a normal game.

To be fair the entire case for their existence is: