Round 4 - Macarthur vs Sydney FC - 30/01/21

Derby name pending, can’t wait to see what nonsense Fox come up with.

$50 for away tickets. Get in the bin.

Bligh Strike Back


I haven’t been to Campbelltown for years. What’s the parking situation like? Still undecided on going though and $50 for a ticket in the corner is a rip off.

The Wellington home game a couple of years ago I think there was some shenanigans about members only in the Leagues Club Car park.

But I avoided that by using a different entrance?

I was at that game against Wellington and about a dozen of us were fined $245.00 for parking on the grass verge just up the road from the Stadium , no signs to say no parking , no footpath fuck all, I had 2 wheels on the road and 2 wheels on the grass FFS.
wrote to the authorities but got nowhere.
left a bitter taste .

Rum Rebellion Derby? Rum Rebellion - Wikipedia


Quietly confident. Having re-watched highlights of the last 2 games we really have played some sexy stuff.

Plus, away to a team who seem to enjoy possession for possessions sake, I reckon we will soak it up like a cham-wow and then unleash havoc on the counter.

Biggest concern is Wilko suffering severe chaffing from the Derbyshire in his pocket.

There’s plenty of parking on the other side of the train tracks.

The "derby’ should be called el caballo blanco, but will end up being called the M5 derby


The Surf n Turf.


I think they settled on “the West Sydney Derby” didnt they?

South-West Sydney vs East-West Sydney :smirk:

They should call the away bay the Branko Culina bay.


If we don’t get the relief of some goals scored or a win it’ll feel like the Blue Bulls Derby.


Should be the Duff and Ozzie Derby

Bought a ticket like a sucker.

But really no buzz around this new derby… wouldn’t have missed the first ever Sydney derby for the world but almost going to this one out of a sense of duty.

Maybe it needs time to grow. At this time it lacks any compelling narrative.

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Holy sh*t, I hate you so much for typing this, purely because I guarantee someone from Fox is going to scroll through this forum, they’ll read this and that’ll be the name, and I will hold you responsible! :slight_smile:


That’s the Westlife Derby, and I’m going to bang on about it like Hilly did with Le Blanc Zizou / La Haine.

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With Bunnings as the new sponsor of the league, now is a prime opportunity to reduce the price of tickets just so we can have an ad for the A-league involving “lowest prices are just the beginning.” $50 is way too much in my opinion. In the early days of the league the tickets were much more affordable and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a factor in better overall attendances.

I personally won’t be going to this game. I usually attend every home game and a lot of the games in NSW but with no singing, sitting down only and mandatory masks I think its overall a more enjoyable experience to watch at home until restrictions are eased again. Wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of other people are thinking the same.

My understanding is that singing is allowed with the slightly eased restrictions as long as everyone wears a mask.

I’m going to this game for the same reason I go to games against the Mariners and the Jets (and currently, Wellington). It’s in NSW and I can get there by train. Absolutely nothing exciting to me about the “all Sydney” element of it. All the territorial disputes and tension with splinter groups is already being had with the Wanderers, and Macarthur have the “WS vs. WS” thing with the Wanderers.

I went to the first Sydney Derby at Parra and the first at MP back before attending all NSW games was the norm for me and I too would not have missed it for the world. Before they rescheduled the Macarthur game to the Saturday and it was going to clash with the Dub at Cromer I was considering missing it even though, admittedly, the AL is the thing I’m most used to and I give it a bit of priority.

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