Round 5 - 2020/21 Discussion

Friday 7:45 - Western vs Adelaide
Saturday 5:05 - CCM vs WSW
Saturday 7:45 - City vs Melbourne
Sunday 4:05 - Macarthur vs Jets*

*Unless there’s more COVID spread from this among the Jets I guess.


I have a feeling we might have some insanely low crowds this weekend

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Should be a healthy crowd at Gosford. Saturday afternoon, good time slot, away crowd etc.

I can never understand why the ALM doesn’t schedule all NSW Team v NSW Team matches (except for Sydney Derbies) on a Sat or Sun at 5:00pm. This allows CCM, Jets, SFC, WSW and Mac fans to travel to the away venue and return home without turning into a pumpkin. Much needed revenue for CCM and Jets I would imagine.


Hope so, should be a good match. Just hope the Covid outbreak doesn’t scare to many punters off

Because then you’ll have the other 50% of people complaining about how dumb they are for scheduling matches at 5pm in Summer. And then if you set it to 6:30pm you get another set of people complaining about how matches are on at inconsistent times.

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Because the league doesn’t give a fuck about away fans, and in fact would prefer that there was none at all.

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You’ll have plenty of people complaining it’s not later so they can go straight to clubbing.

I used to prefer the 5pm kick offs. By the time the 7:45 kick offs finish, you had to queue 1-2 hours in most of the decent places.


If it was really any other match up, I’d switch over from the cricket.

Not a fan of Adelaide vs East Adelaide?


I nothing them.

Whoever’s in the booth and even referred that for a look needs to install a mirror at the end of their bed and wake up to themselves.

Gotta say, the quality of the stream is night and day from round 1

Every game has been good for me the past round or 2, all the problems are fixed as far as my experience goes. Just need pause/rewind/replays up straight away and we’re golden.

1-0 WU, good finish from Pain.

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Cheers for pointing that out, like a good referee I hadn’t even noticed the improvement without the previous need to complain.

Adelaide robbed with that goal called up short. Terrible reffing.

Did Mauk actually say post-game that the ref explained to them he had to blow his whistle because the defenders stopped?

If that’s true then Kurt Ams should never referee again, failing to play advantage and rewarding blokes not playing the whistle.

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Yes, IF it is true. Given the conduct of Adelaide’s players in the last year or two, I’m inclined to think twice before believing them.

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