Round 5 - Brisbane vs Sydney FC - 6/11/22

With Brisbane winless so far, we really have to be winning this and looking comfortable doing it.

I’m guessing we will score some goals and also co cede some goals


On paper we shouldn’t be losing this. However, I’m getting our game v a depleted COVID ridden Newcastle side vibes ahead of this. They’re going to be so desperate for a win.

We’ll probably concede 1 or 2 weak goals, and Mak, Lolley, and Wood will save are arses.

Any word yet on whether Wilko, Rodwell or ALF will be back? I personally have no issue with ALF starting back on the bench and having Wood start.

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Hopefully we wear our third kit to confuse everyone

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Surely they’ll wear their Origgiiinnnn kits, but if there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that totally unnecessary kit changes for the away team will be enforced by the league.

I have bad news for you

Brisbane in a tight defensive struggle 1-0

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that our not-so-attacking-fullback-wingbacks will either win or lose this game for us.

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Brisbane don’t really have much at the moment to hurt teams, but it looks like they’ll be content to sit back and soak pressure. They’ve been pretty solid the last couple of games and could’ve easily beaten WSW if not for refereeing blunder/s. We have a bad tendency to give up at least one soft goal a game, which could make this game real trouble for us. First goal probably isn’t going to matter a lot in many games this season, but this one will likely be an exception.

Nailed on for another red card going our way…

A win for us will set the Derby up quite nicely next week :ok_hand:

We actually have some decent form going into this match, at least on paper. 2 wins and a draw from our last 3.

Also 3pm kickoff and on 10 bold as well so should be good fun

We’re also scoring goals. If they were shite 0-0 draws I’d be fairly worried. Once we sort out the defensive frailties we should be dominant.

Lolley’s end product has been sorely lacking in this game so far.


I wonder if Yazbek will start this one or if Retre will come in for him?
Being dragged last weekend because he was a liability can’t be a good thing but Retre hardly covered himself in glory when he came on.
Connor O’Toole being brought into the squad may also point to Retre starting rather than providing utility cover from the bench as he’s been used so far this season.

I’m predicting a 2-2 draw. We really should win it, but Brisbane will be desperate for a win and our defence is thin to say the least. Brisbane also view this fixture as a big game so will be up for it (it’s a rivalry from their perspective, but not really from ours).

He was on a yellow and should have been given a second yellow, I think that was half the reason he was dragged, but Retre is a safer defensive option as well and we were up 2-1 against 10 men and that was probably the main reason. Can’t see Retre starting this one over Yazbek. Think we go in exactly the same way we started against Macarthur.

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I’m not sure I’ve seen our midfield function better than when Retre played 8 in that game against the Mariners…


The guy lost at sea when he came on last week?

Austin will score in this one. They’re itching for a win so bit of a dicey one to predict score wise