Round 5 - Sydney FC vs Phoenix - 8/2/2021

I feel like we’re slightly better now than we were in that first round, hopefully there’s another good performance and a couple more thunderbolts this time around.

I respectfully disagree. I thought we were pretty atrocious for most of the first hour last week. Superior fitness and an extra player really helped us get over the line. The team will need to improve on that. Hopefully that last half an hour last week will give us a lot of confidence. I just hope it won’t mean Corica is content with the same starting eleven as last week, as guys like Nieuwenhof and Wood made immediate impacts off the bench and deserve to be rewarded with starts.

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Fucking Monday nights.

I’ll be there but I won’t be pleased. Monday nights are for staring at the ceiling thinking about life.


You can start a trend with a new version of the Poznan. Instead of turning your back to the action, you can lie down and stare skywards.


I think we were more successful at breaking the lines and getting some actual clear cut chances, rather than relying on the two long range bombs we scored against the Nux last time.

I’d say that Corica wants to ease the younger players into the squad. Starting a game is a very different prospect to coming on with 20 mins to go. In the latter scenario you can run your heart out knowing that you only need to do it for 20 mins and you’re coming up against tired legs (plus they were a man down in the last match). Having said that, I’m looking forward to seeing them start soon, particularly Nieuwenhof (obviously was starting in the ACL games).

I’m happy to see young players eased into the team but Kosta+Trent just isn’t working.

In the league, unlike the ACL, most teams are willing to make the necessary adjustments to deny us space in behind. What we’ve seen against CCM and WSW and the middle third of the Macarthur game (red card until the subs) is evidence enough that we could play for any number of hours against such a set-up without scoring. There needs to be a change.

If Corica is reluctant to start Wood (who I think has earnt it given the circumstances) then I would seriously consider playing one of the playmakers out of position at forward so that we’ve at least got someone inside the box with a bit of close control to give us the option of playing through until we find space to shoot, as we occasionally could with ALF last year.

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I think The Hof will come into the starting line up for Retre. The rest of the line up will be the same as last week.
The big issue will be who is selected on the bench. Bobo will probably be ready to come in this week so you would think one of Wood or Swibel will probably miss out. The other option is to have a bench loaded with attacking players, leaving Zuvela out, that would look like THB, Warland, Retre, ABJ, Swibel, Wood, Bobo

If it came down to Wood or Swibel, you’d have to reward Wood for the double surely.

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Agreed but Wood and Bobo are kind of the same style of player.

Yeah its bit of a tricky one. Swibel adds more but Woods dont more to deserve it. Its a shame that we couldnt loan one or two of our young strikers out. Ivanovic isnt in the conversation anymore and one of Swibel or Wood are going to have their development really hindered

From what I saw in the NPL, Wood doesn’t mind breaking the offside trap. His pace is good enough to get him away from defenders and his finishing seems at least competent. I’d say he’s more like a Le Fondre-type player.

I reckon it’s really down to who works better with Kosta. I don’t think Trent gets the best out of Kosta as they’re too similar - Wood comes on and you have two different types of forwards. The three goals all came about because (ultimately) Macarthur had to defend two different types of strikers with different runs.

and because Federici dropped a soft shot from Kosta (very wet ground) and then Wood put away (well) the ball after Swibel had done all the break-through play

BTW, did not get around to redeeming my tickets in the 3-day window for season-ticket members. Do people know if it will be possible to get tickets on the day by bringing along our season passes?

Email Shane in the office.

If you struggle, I think I’ll have a spare.

I’m not sure that Bobo will start on debut, so potentially Wood starts and Bobo comes on for him (or vice versa if Bobo were to start).

Do we still need masks for this one?