Round 5 - Sydney FC vs Wellington - 19/12/21

That kinda felt like the start of the next era prior to the old boys coming on.
I liked it.


Yep puts us 7th on the ladder only 8 points off the top of the league, anything in this league is possible so let’s see what happens

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For real? I thought he was sublime.

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Lost count of the amount of times a cross came in and went over all the players.

The crosses themselves werent falling into bad spots, we just dont have players flooding the box to get to the ball. Hard to achieve when alfies the only one in the box since our wide players were contributing to getting the ball out to king, and caceres found himself at the top of the box, leaving nobody to filter into the back post.

A lot of the tactics isnt gelling, it is frustrating to watch. Funny when the one time vds runs into the box from a cross we score from it

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Kamsoba was the standout again for me, well taken goal and creative as usual. The chance he created where he outmuscled/outsmarted the defender near the goal line then hit the ball into the box was great. He is pure energy and positivity. All his runs are bang on as well, he always finds himself in really good positions.

Caceres was great as well, and that was an impressive start from Yazbek. He was everywhere, some aggressive tacking too - don’t mind him going through the opposition and giving away some fouls - actually something we have lacked in a while. Nice shot from him too, used to those ending up outside the ground.

Overall a decent performance, we needed the win and good that some rested players had a bit of a run as well.


Corica press conference is now up

I think the trouble with swapping is that we need a threat with pace on the opposite side to our creative playmaker who is likely to drift inside. IE Kosta alongside Ninko, Caceres alongside Burgess. We saw last night when Caceres and Ninko were on at the same time, they’d end up occupying the same real estate and just making little passes back and forth because neither one was running off the ball to drag the defence out of shape. I know fullbacks are there to provide the overlap but without a different option we are struggling to break into the box. If we’re starting Ninko then Burgess on the right works, but I don’t expect much of that for a few weeks.

The little sequence where Van der Saag skinned Piscopo (?) for dead at the touchline, to Elvis, to Caceres who twinkle-toed past two and shot just over the bar was a sexy thing. Felt a bit like the future we could be getting. We really don’t try and take players on much for all our speed or technical skills and when we do our attack looks much better for it.

Ninko cameo was pure piss taking mode, reminded me a lot like ADP with a high concentration of short passes and flicks and shoulder drops. Also like ADP, less running, and more style than substance. We know he has it in him to graft, run, defend and more, so definitely hoping its not a feel of how he’ll go as an impact sub

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Basically, it’s Kamsoba’s world and we’re all living in it.

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Elvis was not terrible.

OK he was decent.

Quite good, maybe.

To be super picky I’d still like to see him looking to get in behind more, hopefully that will come if he gets more starts up top. I did think we turned Welly around a bit and looked more direct at times, hard to tell from the Cove end but I suspect they played a higher line than either Macarthur or CCM recently.

This has been a Sydney FC specialisation since August 2005.


Finally we score in front of the Cove after that weird VAR decision vs Newcastle.

To be honest, we won’t be making the most of Kamsoba playing balls over the top. Yes, he has pace, but give him ball to feet and get him to run at players. That’s what he does best.

Not to mention going over the top is ineffective when the opposition sits deep, which many teams will do.

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Agreed with that, but going longer earlier will get him into positions where he can run at defenders more.

There were a few times Wilko or Donachie looked up and there wasn’t much happening up top. The diagonal could’ve been on, especially if their line was higher and once they had a fresh keeper who wouldn’t have had time to change his underpants before coming out to sweep. But the flip side of that is if we do it too often they will drop that defensive line and then we’re back into familiar “harder to break down” territory.

That isn’t a criticism of Elvis btw, the front line has been equally static when Trent has started. All in all thought we were much improved going forward, all our sexier attacking stuff this season has coincided with Caceres at RM, he should be a lock there with Paulo, Hoff and Yazbekistan in the engine room imo.

Where has Wood been? I thought he was setting himself up as playing ahead of Trent but maybe he’s just been rested and will start in the cup on Wednesday? Wasn’t even on the bench yesterday.

Elvis Kamsoba is the Raheem Stirling of the A-League

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Exciting game. Took a friend along who had never been to a professional football match and is only mildly interested in the game. He really enjoyed it, particularly watching Elvis who is always exciting, but too often previously, to little effec. Thankfully, Elvis is now using his brain much more and has become increasingly valuable to our attack.
Compliments to the Cove, small in number yesterday but huge in voice and passion. You guys are immense and I can’t wait to see and hear you - and in greater numbers - at our new SFS.

MOM for me was Yazbek who absolutely dominated in the ways that Bratten, O’Neill and Brillante have for us. Reads the game beautifully, understands spatial dynamics, is quick and mobile, is a power tackler and, with the ball at his feet, intuitively looks forward either driving or passing into attack - and has a great shot.
(Only other SFC player available who meets this description is Hof and I really want to see them play together at DM). Yazbek also made Retre’s game easier and much more productive because unlike Caceres at DM, Yaz knows where to be and what to do and thus greatly reduces the threats coming Retre’s way making his decision options clearer.
And as someone who has never really liked what Caceres offers, I think he had a very good game last night.


Rather worryingly Corica was saying Ninko had to have fluid drained from his knee recently. Old Father Time is catching up with him.

Match report now up:

Sydney FC earned a satisfying first win of the season on Sunday night, surviving a late scare to beat Wellington Phoenix 2-1.

The first half was dominated by a new Sky Blue XI, with James Donachie at centre back, Patrick Yazbek in the middle, Anthony Caceres out wide, and Elvis Kamsoba as a supporting striker …