Round 5 - Sydney FC vs Western Sydney - 25/11/23

I don’t know why, but I feel okay about this one.


Let’s go! Im amped. The week off has helped build my anticipation.

A win here, and our season is back on track.


We will triumph over Rudans haramball

If we win it, I can see us going on a real run and Talay deemed a genius

If we lose, we’re gonna see the first TalayOut calls


That’s right - it’ll either be ‘we’re gonna win the league’ or ‘fold the club’, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I dislike the Wanderers and hope that we win!


I’ll be 400 beers deep and basking in our vast superiority in every single aspect, regardless of what actually transpires on the pitch.

There was a time I cared so so much about these games but the shine has well and truly worn off. Bantz from turncoat mates can’t be engaged when this is the only game they bother turning up to. :man_shrugging:

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For you, the day you played Sydney FC was the most important day of your life.

But for me… It was Saturday.


It’s come to my attention that some of them think they actually ARE Fletcher’s XI, the Wanderers of 1880.

Yeah, sure, just a little 132 year gap, plus the fact that the team wasn’t called Wanderers until after that game at Parra Commons.

Was Parra even referred to as “Western Sydney” back in 1880? Surely the metro area was far less spread.

I happened across these looking at this old thread about the oldest still existing clubs in Australia:

They can sellout their away bays for derbies, but struggle to fill up their own bays for home games

Both coaches have had family holidays together so doubt it will deliver in terms of the Paramount story milking side.

Not as nervous as last season, ultimately they can spank us 5-0, they’ll still have a victim bandwagon fanbase.

Half of the RBB core are probably in a mental puzzle atm considering Croatia will be back.


Is this sold out or just not available without a specific password?

And at United 58, they won’t have to pretend they like Serbian players.

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Not sure its says “Allocation Exhausted”

I don’t know, I could be wrong, but I feel that without the proper code to activate them, it says allo exhausted. Could be wrong. Maybe it would say unavailable or just not appear. Either way, your point is well taken.

Hang on a minute I can literally see hundreds of empty seats in the cove so maybe ask broader question :raising_hand_man:

Home fans also exist in the other areas of the stadium, like the sides, you knob. You’ve hosted, what, 3 home games and haven’t had a single crowd above 10k? Maybe ask yourself questions about your club’s identity and home attendance rather than trolling a rival forum with your stupidity.


Oh, scuse me, one crowd of 10400 followed by 8000 people leaving when the women came on.

But sure, Cove GA tickets being available for a derby somehow disproves that y’all only care about the derby. How exactly are you seeing that “hundreds” are available when it’s GA and you can’t identify individual seats? Nevermind that away active isn’t available for us to see unless we have the RBB’s code, you know, to protect you from us buying them lest it hurt your image. Bro, we were boycotting and you still got outsung in Parramatta, by non-actives.