Round 6 - Sydney FC vs WSW - 12/11/22

On track for a sell out and it’s going to get spicy.


Just ignore the dickhead completely.


I love the concept of writing to the club

"Dear Sydney FC

Is it ok to bring four dead rats and a pigs head to hurl at Milos Ninkovic? If he is not playing, I’ll happily take them home with me.

Disgruntled fan"


“I am not a crackpot”


Are there rules around club officials sneaking into the Wanderers changeroom before they arrive at the ground and just mucking with where Ninkovic’s locker would be? Fill his locker with shaving foam, smear his seat with dishwashing liquid or something?

Nothing violent or anything, but just enough to fuck with him mentally?

Have security stop him at the entrance as he alights the bus and be subjected to a full search or hold him up telling him his AAA pass isn’t valid - or has been revoked.

When the player line ups are announced over the PA, just skip his name entirely and move onto the next player.

Or better yet, have security escort him to the police cells under the stadium, lock the door, turn off the lights and forget about him.


I fear this is the game that folds the club.


If the free “Lolley’s” are snakes then I will be taking that as a tacit endorsement to throw them.


You are in say, your early twenties, and you meet a nice girl who is new to town at a local bar. Most of your friends tell you are ‘punching above your weight’, but she finds you quaint and a bit of a safe bet, after all, she is new to the neighbourhood and doesn’t know many people yet so agrees to a date. Things go well and soon you are together. Your friends still think you are out of your league and you find yourself a little paranoid when out on the town as your girl occasionally attracts interest from other suitors in the bar. But all is good, she has grown to be comfortable with you and thinks you are pretty awesome in your own way and assures you that she has no interest in any of these other guys who are always seemingly hanging around.

A few years go by and you are think nothing of it anymore, your mates have stopped telling you she is above your pay grade and things are all tickty-boo. But then, you get a late night message one Friday night, she has been doing some thinking whilst out for after work drinks - she is not sure anymore… and after a protracted and emotionally draining few weeks, its all over… bust …done. Months go by, you feel like you are getting over the worst of it but you hear some rumours, from mates initially, that she has been spotted out on the town with a new beau. It hurts, but you try to think nothing of it… your are doing pretty well yourself, you are eating better, got a gym membership - whatever.

Then one night, your coaxed out to a bar by some mates who think you should get back in the game - and there she is, standing across the room, laughing and slinging off some new guys arm… but wait, he kinda looks like you, just the version of you before you starting hitting the gym and you know what - you think it might be Ben from accounting she use to always have 'in jokes with. Then you notice it - she actually doesn’t look that much out of your league at all, in fact, your probably would have advised against wearing that stripy number out in public, its not really that flattering. Her new friends are all dressed in the same odd style, you begin to think what was all the fuss about. You order a straight whiskey, knock it back and turn to your friends and utter ‘meh’…

That is just a long, protracted illustration about how I feel about Ninkovic.



Tin foil hat time. Channel 10 offered Ninko a bunch of cash and a post football tv gig if he switched to Wanderers to drum up controversy and boost the ratings for the derby.

Source: I made it the fuck up


Source checks out


I’m heading down for this one. First time in the new stadium and first game I’ve attended in over a season.

I do not have high hopes for a positive result.


We’re gonna get arse blasted.

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Peaches and baguettes.

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Monty gave corica a good blueprint to beat the wanderers, lots of fouls and on the break with speed.

O’Neil and Brillante would have been perfect at it keep up the needless fouls annoy the shit out of them.

Reality is it’s a game with two teams
Yours who cannot defend for the life of it
And out who cannot score for the life of if

You would think 1 goal might be enough.

let’s hope the refs keeps his red card in his pocket unless absolute necessary. Don’t ruin the spectacle.

Good luck for Saturday!


Tin foil hat time - Santo and whoever replaced Tsatsimas sat down and orchestrated this whole thing back in April. Pulled the offer to piss off Ninko on one hand, compensate him with this offer from the other, figure they’d make the difference back back in ticket sales from the generated media over the course of the season.


I really feel like the media are blowing the Ninko thing up.
I couldn’t give a shit what he does

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What a scoop. We must have the same source

Both teams can’t defend so it should be all out attack.

Never assume duplicity when stupidity will suffice.