Round 6 - Western United vs Sydney FC - Postponed

5:05pm against WU. Their 5 games this year have been wild:
2-1 L
5-4 W
3-2 L

So this is either going to be a great game or it’s going to be an absolute bore.

Anyone going to this?

This will be our 500th competitive match btw


And they said this A League malarkey would never last

All the Melbourne teams are shit this year, we should win this.

If you have nothing better to do on Saturday, before game-time…


I used to love when they would do that in the lead up to derbies, etc. Good to see Fox actually caring again.

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Corica said in a press conference/interview that Trent might be 2-3 weeks so maybe Kosta + Bobo to start with Wood replacing Bobo early in the 2nd half.

Victorian Cabinet are currently discussing a possible lockdown, so this game may be on a bit of a knife-edge depending on what happens with that. Does anyone know if the squad are down there already?

Don’t know for sure, but you’d expect they’d be travelling today, 5pm KO tomorrow would be a bit tricky with so few flights to MEL…

Five day lockdown starts at midnight.

Looks like the games against WU/City over the next couple of days won’t go ahead.

I was thinking about jumping in the car and driving down for this. Classic timing.

At least the lads were still up here and we don’t have to get another great escape out of Victoria thing going on.

Argh. This is totally sucking. CLOSE THE BORDERS NOW!

Apparently the club was on its way to the airport when they heard the news:

Get your act together Mexicans arrgh

(I realise this isn’t the right thread for this, but since there’s no thread yet for next weeks home game v Brisbane, I’ll just post here anyway)

Just went to Ticketek and reserved my tickets for next Saturday.

Put in the barcodes as usual, picked my seats, yep $0 all good…hang on, what this? $7 service and handling fee?

Went back and checked the confirmation email from the CCM game a couple of weeks ago…$0 handling fee.
Also checked the confirmation email for the postponed season opener against City…$0 handling fee.

Was anyone else charged a $7 handling fee for this round?

Just wanted to check before I unleash on Ticketek…

I’d read that to mean that there’s no need to go through the redemption palaver, just use your member card…


Ah, that makes sense.

I’m a Platinum Plus Flexi-6 member, so my membership card doesn’t actually have a barcode.

This is the first year I’ve had anything above Bronze (GA seating), and based on previous games I just assumed that $0 handling fee was normal.

But its possible that the fee was temporarily waived because everybody (including full ticketed members) had to reserve their seats.

I’ve sent a (nicely worded) request to Ticketek to confirm.