Round 7 - Sydney FC v Melbourne City 10/12/2022

Is it too early for a matchday thread? With Australia out of the World Cup I am eager for the A-League’s resumption. Also known as the greatest league in the World.

Alas, I myself will be missing this match as I will be interstate, however I feel like this is going to be an interesting match up. But I have so many questions…

Will Rado Vidosic be able to continue Cities blistering run of form?
Will Jack Rodwell be ready in time to make an appearance?
Will ALF be back, and will he just mope around the pitch like a moody teenager, or will we be able to deliver him the sort of service that has him knocking them in for fun again?
Will Corica have changed things up, after potentially having an all-important board meeting regarding the course of the season and his tenure at the club?

I fear that Jamie McClaren is going to do things to our back line which would cause even the Qatari Royal Family to shudder.

I’ll go conservative and say we’ll suffer a 1-3 loss, with at least two goals from McClaren, of which at least one will be from James Donachie as a result of him putting the wrong boots on the wrong foot.

I know he didn’t play at the World Cup, but I think with the potential jet lag, I wouldn’t mind seeing THB get a run between the sticks over Redders. It’ll be interesting to see if the World Cup lads go straight back into the starting XI for them.


Wonder if they might mark the occasion of the returning Socceroos somehow. Maybe a guard of honour from both sides for Leckie, Redders, McLaren and Tillio?

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Can’t wait to see Arnie & the boys back again.

Oh sorry, wrong thread.

I think Rhyno should chop Leckie for chuckles.


Our peach shall be destroyed by Heart’s Baguette in a most artistic manner in a lane way with edgy graffiti that smells of piss, despair and disappointment.

And we still won’t sack the coach.

Oh shit, this is a home game.

Gunna fuckem cunts. Fire the fuck up!

After the exhilarating ride of the socceroos, I don’t think I’m quite ready for a return to Coricaball yet, so I’m kinda glad we have to be out of town this weekend.

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Honestly can’t predict what will happen here.Either way i have a xmas party to attend can’t attend the game.

For some reason we are wearing our abomination of a third strip for this game, so they are either wearing their second kit (red and white striped) or we’re letting them wear their home which would be disgraceful.

Santo has confirmed City will be wearing their red stripes

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We should be wearing blue then


That’s it, fold the club!

I think we will win.

Well, you know what thought did.


I don’t know.

That’d require thought.

And we all know what thought did.



Time’s never been so good to look up the lyrics to Sweet Caroline

FWIW, I like the third strip but I also liked midnight plum. Do I need to get counselling?
Still, I think we should be in sky blue against those imposters.

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Is this going to be on the pitch?


Apparently we’ve signed some new guy called Rod Wells?


Rodwell is back supposedly!