Round 7 - Sydney FC vs Macarthur - 9/12/23

Unbeaten Macarthur vs very much beaten Sydney.

Macarthur’s unbeaten run has to come to an end sometime. They’ve had a heavier schedule than us this season, and have had two days less to rest/prepare for this game. I see this game as quite winnable for us, but we really have to stop giving away stupid goals.


How are they unbeaten? There squad doesn’t look amazing on paper

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I’m not sure how we will go. The only time I ever watch MacArthur play is when it’s against us. They pretty much don’t exist for me the rest of the time


They’re unbeaten, but sheesh!

I reckon they could also just about have been on zero points. They’ve gotten jammy wins against some rubbish sides and some very fortunate draws…

They don’t have a terrible squad, imo. But they are all over the shop. We should be beating them.

None of the teams they’ve played against so far have managed to score score more goals against Macarthur, than Macarthur has scored against them.


On paper, and from the highlights I’ve seen of them in their fan-less soulless Leumeah ghetto, they’re 100% a pub team.

We should be beating them comfortably. Just like we should have beaten Perth comfortably.

Unfortunately, we can’t seem to put chances away (unless it’s Adelaide), and we give away too many stupid silly goals.

We’ll start slow, probably concede 1 or 2 and then slowly arm wrestle our way back to win 3-2. It’'ll be ugly, it won’t be champagne football from either side.

Alas I won’t be making this one. I’ll be at Dolton House in Hyde Park for my Christmas Party. I’ll be there in spirit.


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They do the basics pretty well in transition and that’s about it.

Sounds like my EOY Performance Review…


The fuckin cow bells, even when I hear them on the telly, they set my teeth on edge

I was hearing them for days after a particularly annoying loss to them at Kogarah a few years ago


And they have Davila.


Ah so more than enough to beat us





A very important point. He’s been absolutely smashing it at the start of this season. A big reason they’re doing so well.

Caceres and Amanatidis are fit and available.

JK, Burgess and surprisingly Rodwell are not.

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Last week it was mentioned that Rodwell would be back this week or the next

If my post was a Kool Keith song it would be, “I Don’t Believe You”.

Was it said that he’d be back from injury or that he’d be back playing?
Maybe it was a typo and it was supposed to say he would have a back injury next week?