Round 7 - Sydney FC vs Wellington - 8/12/18

This is a big chance for the team to pick themselves up and score a few goals before the derby the weekend after. Da Silva and De Jong should both be available for selection so let’s see if that helps some of our issues with depth.

Also for those who missed the discussion in the stadium thread: there’s trackwork on the Illawarra line on the weekend, so really plan your trip.

EDIT: Here’s the preview on the front of the site:

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Will be an interesting match. Nix aren’t terrible but are low on confidence it seems.

Predicting DDS will start, otherwise can’t see us changing starting xi. Still not sure about Jop/Wilko partnership.

It would be nice to see the skipper get a rest and come on for the last 30 for DDS.
Siem on in the last 20 for Milos to see how that hammy gets on and give Milos a bit of a break too.

They didn’t play a lot in pre-season, did they? Iirc Wilko was out for a bit, so might be taking a little longer to gel.

Jop seems to have had that tendency to dive in since day one. I’m willing to give him the benefit and a bit longer before really judging… especially considering the shower of shit that has preceded with our foreign CB’s over the years. Jordy and first season Keller have been the exceptions.

Jop’s problem seems not so much to be one of understanding with Wilko as in personal judgement once or twice per game. It covers the odd rash dive in (as per your 2nd paragraph) but I think he occasionally seems to let the ball bounce when he shouldn’t. It worries me that it may not improve all that much. His distribution is good though.

I think I’ve said it on here before but I’ll say it again: he reminds me a lot of Faty, if Faty were better with the ball. Faty always had one or two brain snaps in him each game, and Jop seems to be about the same.

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I never rate any of the foreign cb’s. People rave on about Buijs but I think because of his charisma his mistakes were over looked. However in saying that Jops distribution is quite good and I don’t think calver or warland would be able to do as well in that area.

People realise we have conceded less goals than any team this season, yeah?

Will be a good test - expecting Wellington to play very deep. That’s what we’ve really struggled with this season, so hopefully we can make some adjustments and create some good chances.

Early massive guess: Charlie or Devlin to score off the bench.

Does anyone have any idea whether Kurto will be available for the Nux? He would be a massive out for them if not.

Looked like a concussion last week?


Trackwork this weekend?


All requisite public transport info here:

De Silva is a strong chance to start according to Bossi:

Must be a change of formation, with DDS back. Back to the classic 4-2-3-1?

Personally, been thinking a 41212 diamond might be the way forward.


Retre. Ninko

O’Neil screening the back 4, Retre providing some industry and drive forward, Ninko dropping deep as he likes to do and making things tick over, and DDS being the creative playmaker.

Back 4 as is, and Alf Brosque front two.

You’d take Retre at CM over Brillante?