Round 8 - 2019/20 Discussion

Friday 7:30 - Melbourne vs Perth
Saturday 5:00 - Brisbane vs CCM
Saturday 7:30 - Jets vs WSW
Sunday 7:00 - Adelaide vs Nux
Bye: City

For my money:
0-0 Draw (maybe the most dull game this season)

Mariners in some insane 5-4 classic

Parramatta & Districts

Mariners never win in Brisbane


Popovic and Sons Ltd
Western Suburbs

Popovic, Popovic & Popovic

Lmao it looks like a City crowd. C’mon Perth pile on the misery.

Kruse scores, after Perth seemed to have the upper hand.

He owes Nabbout a case, excellent assist.

Big test of Poppa’s objectivity here, he simply needs to hook his own kid at half-time. Watched an awful lot of him in that first half, he’s busy and technical, but also just a lanky looking motherfucker with his arms constantly extended as far as his dad’s ears.

Looks the kind of player you just bring on to keep the ball and kill the game with 10 or 15 to go, despite the significant number of touches I counted two passes played forward, one to no one that went out for a GK and one that asked a LOT of Bruno to bring it down on his chest and keep it. At least half his touches were completely pointless, why are you receiving a ball back from Kilkenny and then just turning and playing it back to a CB? If they were playing with 10 the ball would have ended up in the same place but with the added benefit of moving it quicker. :sweat_smile:

Also, Perth without Davidson suck as hard as we do without Zullo.

Perth are a bit fucking annoying here.

I feel like Perth have been sinking more and more ever since the Popovic sons started getting some game time. It can’t be that popular in the dressing room.

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Well he’s hooked him, just 20 minutes too late.

Hilarious that it’s the third time Perth has had a coach playing his own son.

Castro v Kruse is the softest confrontation I’ve ever seen.

Perth are just toothless atm. Castro & Ikon well below last seasons standards, and present form Fornaroli a downgrade on Keogh. Add Franjic & Kilkenny a year older, the former seemingly never making 90 and burning a sub every week, and missing Davidson hardcore. Wuthrith also a downgrade on Spira. Unless they turn it around soon this could be one of those “second season syndrome” years like Jets had last year.

Damit, i was looking forward to seeing the Tards sitting in last place. May still happen though.

Talking of Spira, what a disappointing shit show of a career that turned out to be.

Nick Ward?
Nathan Burns?