Round 8 - CCM vs Sydney FC - 17/12/22

I just wanted to make this a bit earlier than usual because I’m sure there’s going to be lots of questions about boycotts and walk outs, so better to discuss that here for this game and keep the APL thread for today’s announcement.

I’ve missed the last couple of available CCM away games and was really looking forward to it this time around. If the Cove are calling for a walkout or boycott though then I will be keeping my ass at home.

WHo fucking cares anymore?

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Bay 16 walk out at the 20th minute by Mariners fans


So they will walk out but then come back later on in the match? Otherwise what a waste of money. At least do it in the second half

With the crowds the way theyve been, will anyone notice?

We are all members

Mariners’ crowds have been pretty solid last couple of years


You’re there to support the players.

Make a TIFO, chant Anti-APL tunes and have Marvin the Mariner make a rude gesture or two.

I don’t agree with walkouts. Sure, football is nothing without the fans but youre there to support your team and players.


Our last walkout was pretty successful wasn’t it?



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The players would understand.


This is going to be an interesting test.

We’ve had problems for years being outnumbered in the midfield against sides like the mariners. I feel this new system is meant to address that.

Can see us holding out Cummings and Kuol, so we’re going to want to be up by a couple heading in to the last 10.

The players can join in and walk off after 20 minutes…

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I think it would be awesome if a team that should have hosted the GF turned up and just did sweet FA for 90 mins in a GF.

Or just noticeably not participate in the game for one minute after the first throw in after the twenty minute mark.


The sentiment hasn’t been this unanimously negative across the league for any other governing body decision ever, and that’s saying something!

If they don’t have the sense to axe this plan, then there’s no point boycotting until the final actually happens. Make it a premiers league this season and forget about the finals, that would say a lot more.

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Rodwell is ahead of the curve here.


weren’t they doing that before the world cup break??


There’s absolutely no way I can be convinced to go now. The latest double down has made it clear these people don’t understand and never will.