Round 8 - Western Suburbs vs Sydney FC - 15/12/18

Massive game in Corica’s tenure this one. A loss here would put a whole bunch of fans off side.

Corica has said there will be changes for this game. I’m hoping De Silva comes in for Brosque and I’m at the point where I want Calver starting for Jop. I can’t see that one happening, however.

View the match preview on the front page here:

Should be an even affair for the first time in a while, I’m tipping a 1-1 draw.

$42.90 for category C (incl ‘service fees’) is a rort though.

Theyll get a win

I really can’t see the justification for Jop starting this match. Don’t get me wrong - the whole defence were below par last weekend, but against Wellington (and Melbourne too) it was his casual attitude and poor decision making that cost us on a number of obvious occasions. That kind of behaviour in starting players is the result of complacency - if Jop keeps his spot even after his recent performances that just becomes worse. Even if it’s just for this weekend, we need to give Calver a run.

On another note, how awful is ANZ? I’ll be surprised if we crack 25,000. I can’t wait for the return of Parramatta away days.

Yeah $40 to sit that far away from the ground is rough. It should be a decent crowd, however, because this is probably the first competitive derby in a while.

I’m curious to see what these “changes” are that Corica is going to make.

Hopefully getting ninkovic more central. He’s Wasted out on the left at the moment without another creative player in the front 4.

I think Milos is due for a rest. There was talk before the Welly game that he’s been carrying an injury, and I’m worried that it’s showing. Now that Siem and DDS are both back we have an opportunity to let him recover a little. Maybe not this week, but next.

It’s just Sydney FC Reserved that I need to buy a ticket in yeah?

He got chopped down hard pretty early on in Gosford, was moving very gingerly afterwards.

Bring back Seb Ryall.
While we’re there what about Nikola Petkovic??

This will go one of two ways

Highly controversial match in which the westies beat us, Fox calls them the new form team, and they don’t accomplish anything during rest of season


We make a sudden return to form, beating them 3-0.

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Petkovic is currently in Thailand, probably having a lovely old time. At this rate we’d probably just play him at left back anyway.

What’s Faty up to? Tiago Calvano maybe?


Can’t remember being less enthused about a derby - just come off a rubbish display on the weekend and playing at ANZ. Feels a bit flat.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Ivanovic start! That’s right I said it, I’ve got some big, gutsy balls to be saying that. He’s shown a bit of flare an directness about him. I thought he was the only positive from last week

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Actually, they suggested that him starting might be a possibility on the fox football podcast. Personally, I really want to see Calver in for Jop. Calver played really well last time he started in a Derby and I think Jop needs a rest to remind him that there is competition for his spot. I don’t think Jop is solely to blame for our defensive woes, but he’s definitely been down on form in he last few weeks.

I honestly don’t care what the result is. I just want to see change and evidence that we are learning from our recent mistakes.

Will be the same side and the “changes” that will be made is the one we saw at half time last week. De Jong to start over Retre is my guess.

If Corica hasn’t got the intention to make drastic changes against the Mariners or Phoenix then I would be very surprised to see it happen in a derby.