Round 9 - Perth vs Sydney FC - 21/12/18

Reminder that this is on at 9pm our time. I can only imagine it will be a ratings hit.

Lots to think about with this game: Perth have been great this season, we are missing Jop (probably) but Wilko should be back, and we have all our attacking players fit and available.

Any guesses on line-up?

Ass blasting.

Glory are due for a hiccup,they escaped losing due to VAR against the Nix.City outplayed them,they are there for the taking.IF sydneee FC are good enough.I think it will be a great test.

Reckon we’ll start Siem in the second striker role for this, add some height to our attack. Calver and Wilko in defence, and probably DDS out wide. Brosque on the bench.

The height is a good point but is he ready for that physicality?

He’ll need to be. Ninko’s had a knee injury for three weeks and hasn’t stopped.

Ass my arse, it’s called an arse blasting ffs

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Sydney will win easy. 4 or 5 nil. Perth don’t deserve top spot and it will show this game.

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Corica will keep the side the same except Calver to come in for Jop. We will play the same as we did for the first 20 minutes against Wanderers (Lost and at 6’s and 7’s) but this time for the whole match and we will cop a hiding.

We’ll get shown up this game

Perth have been our bitches for years, can’t see anything changing


We’re cack.
Dull 2-0 poppaball win for Perth.


It will be interesting to see what lessons Stevie learnt against the Wanderers.

He is still an absolute Greenhorn (probably too inexperienced to coach Sydney FC) so he needs to keep progressing.

I get that there’s value in patiently adhering to a particular approach, but there’s a saying about the best laid plans. Good coaches need to see the problems and solve them.

Seems like Calver will start in place of the injured Jop.

Across his five seasons with the club, Calver’s 38 total appearances is lower than the 40 games when he was an unused substitute.

“It’s a big opportunity for me. I’ve been here seven years now and haven’t played too many consistent games. Hopefully now I can kick on with it. We’ve got a couple of injuries at the moment so hopefully I can make this spot mine. It’s no fun sitting on the bench every week, so hopefully I can play well.”

Full story

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I hope he does it.

I’m almost 100% certain that we will go back to Wilko and Jop but I hope for Aaron’s sake that he plays well and I’m wrong. I’m also fairly sure if he doesn’t get a first team position, he’ll be off to South West Sydney.

I hope Tratt gets another go. Albeit he played against 10 men he looked solid AF.

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It’s baffles me why players choose to hang around in such situations of so little game time & choose not to challenge themselves elsewhere.

I guess there’s a lot of things to consider. If they move to an NPL club for example for more playing time, they go from a professional contract where they can train full time, to playing in a semi pro league where they would need a day job. They also run the risk of getting stuck in the NPL and not getting a look-in from A League clubs. With only 9 other A League clubs, and all of them with first and second choice defenders anyway, it’s hard to get a look-in.

The best you can do is wait for your chance and put in some good performances, at least that way if you’re still down the pecking order in the team you’re playing for, you might get approaches from other clubs that are willing to play you more often. In the meantime, you’re at good club with great training facilities, staff and coaches to help you develop.