Round 9 - Sydney FC vs Brisbane - 7/12/2019

Brisbane have been so inconsistent that this has banana skin written all over it.

Ninkovic will reportedly be back (it was just a fever over the weekend).

We’re going to get peach baguetted.


Peach baguetted indeed :sweat_smile:

:peach: <-------------- :baguette_bread:
:peach: <----------- :baguette_bread:
:peach: <------- :baguette_bread:
:peach: <---- :baguette_bread:
:peach: <- :baguette_bread:
:peach: :baguette_bread:


Beatles tribute band ftw


Where are they going to park the big red bus?

Time to get our wevenge for the Cup game.

No complacency, but we are just starting to hit our straps. I remember after the MV game Corica pointed out the bye week leading up to that didn’t help our groove in the first half, but having gotten Zullo back in the 2.5 games since we’ve been pretty bloody good including comfortable wins away to two of the competitions pretenders. We’ve still really only been ordinary in the Welly game way back in week 2.

Home win.

I’m not giving us much hope… Our play through midfield is pretty clunky. Not sure how many chances that we’ll fashion against a much better side than the Mariners.

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Brisbane to baguette our (fat university student sized) plump peaches.

Is there even going to be a game this weekend with the weather conditions as is? I don’t like the idea of our players running around in this shit.

Forecast is for this to clear on Saturday but I’m not optimistic. I can’t see them cancelling the game.

Edit: actually scratch that the forecast is now smoke haze on Saturday.

If they cancel it they better cancel it before I start travelling.

We’ll score direct from a corner if the wind keeps up.

Has happened against Brisbane at Kogarah before iirc. :+1:


If Saturday evening is anything like today then I don’t blame them for wanting to cancel it.

Emo directly from a corner which broke the Roar’s record unbeaten run.

FMD, you two are as bad as Arlo’s need to italicise his puns.

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I agree mate , I drive up from Canberra

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I’ve just txted with Shane. Me asking him was the first he heard of the possibility.

At this stage, no one in the office is concerned.

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