Round 9 - Sydney FC vs Macarthur - 24/12/22

Well football continues to rumble on I guess.

Sounds like there’ll be beefed up security so maybe leave yourself plenty of time to get in:


Might be the wrong week to sneak the nephew into the cove.

My sister, instead of doing something on Christmas morning with our family has take. It upon herself to have Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Which means I’ll be watching at my parents place, and ignoring my family.

Will there be kittens, cats or wildcatbacks?

I’m spending Xmas at my partner’s house which is two mins from Campbelltown stadium, and full of actual real live attending Macarthur fans. Bring us glory.

Per the last thread, I am heading with my partner for the women’s game. Is the Cove going to be a thing?

Looks like it, the 11 groups statement is in the previous match thread and in the APL thread, it suggests normal service will resume while APL makes up its mind about their requests.



I can understand a protest continuing with the men’s but really hope it’s disbanded for the earlier women’s derby game, who deserve our full support.

Apparently all the womens groups were consulted and signed up to it as the way forward, what form the peaceful protests will take isn’t really clear.

Edit: I do now, it’ll be fine for you.

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Banners, silence and not wearing black active wear?

If the suits see that active support is back on without any form of visible protest, they have won.

I can already see the smugness on DT’s face.

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I think it’s more important to show everyone else that active support can be great, whilst also acting like adults.

Wait for the next game to go back to walkouts etc.


I don’t think that the protest has to be dramatic, just needs to demonstrate the numbers doing it. Assuming that the APL is genuinely trying to manage Australian football, then they will have to talk with players and fans at some point - preferably when everyone has calmed down.

I don’t think any of you actually read the statement.

First game in attendance for me since pre-covid. First time in the new stadium. I wholly support any protests going on but fuck, I’m excited to be back! Will be landing at 10am on game day - straight to the pub!


Could this be the game that decides Coricas future at the helm of this club?

Or is the league so close to the edge of folding that it won’t matter?

2-2 all draw. We’ll be up 2-0, only for James Donachie to fuck everything up as per normal.



Sky blue Santa hats are back. That’s something at least.


If this doesn’t happen, why, it will be a Festivus miracle!

If we lose, he’ll be gone just after the New Year, unless he leaves himself.