Rugby Union Thread

Anyone been watching the World Cup? Japan playing really well against Ireland

That was freakin’ cool.

Watched a few matches. Japan with a good win over Ireland. Good to see. Hopefully the Wallabies can smash the Welsh tomorrow. Anyone but the Kiwis…and Pommies

The welsh/ Australia game is a massive tomorrow…

Awesome to see the Japanese hold on against the Irish… every tournament needs a shock and this one has delivered early

Been better starts than this from Australia

Tv guide said 1735. It started 12 minutes later. I wonder how many people get bored and start surfing.

Not as many as would get bored if they were watching Union

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I’m comfortable and the remote is out of arm reach.

I’m watching the Berlin marathon instead.

This will be an interesting final 15.

And just quietly, I wish the advantage in football lasted as long as the advantage in Rugby.

France only up 12-9 against USA after 65 minutes

The advantage in rugby seems much longer these days than I remember. In the Georgia - Fiji game on now Georgia went through about five phases right on the Fiji try line, and the ref was playing advantage the whole time for a penalty back on the 22. I thought that once they got over the ‘avantage line’ it was advantage over.

I thought advantage was done by distance moved forwards in rugby rather than time? Or am I completely wrong?

It’s not measured on time.

I did a bit of googling and advantage can be either territorial or tactical. Territorial is fairly obvious and is usually employed for a knock on or minor infringement - if you get a clean ruck one metre further ahead, that’s enough of an advantage over a scrum at the site of the infringement. Tactical advantage is much more vague and is entirely at the discretion of the referee, so in the Georgia-Fiji game the referee must have decided to play advantage until Georgia scored, and that no other result (not even a 20 yard gain) could be considered a tactical advantage over a probable 3 points from the penalty on the 22.

Who knew Uruguay even played rugby?

Don’t they know we have a divine right to win?

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Great win from Japan

Great win from japan (again)

Top half of the draw looks loaded with

England v Australia
NZ v Ireland

Wales v France
Japan v South Africa

Those are a bunch of juicy rugby matches.
I might actually have to watch a few games.

Wallabies with a decent start but in the end the Pommies way to good.

Ireland v NZ in the other qtr final. Irish fans singing over the top of the Kiwis Haka was class

The welsh go super lucky against the French… but they’ll give the South Africans a tough battle

England v NZ is going to be a classic game.

Looking forward to the semi finals