Sack the Board: the Cricket thread I

Suggestions for a thread name most welcome. I struggled to come up with an Usman Khawaja pun that wasn’t terrible.

I’m at the second test in Abu Dhabi. Just got here today, with the contest seemingly already over, but at least we got to see the world’s worst run out this morning.

And um yeah, where’s Glenn Maxwell?

It’s a shame we won’t make it to lunch tomorrow. The crowd will go from 12- 12000 once Friday prayer finishes.

I’ve just heard they are selling beer in the stadium! Wish that was the case 4 years ago!

Surely the pun is something about Marshes

It’s 30AED for a lukewarm Heineken, so not sure it’s that much of an improvement.

Update: apparently some other blokes managed to bargain the beer seller down to 80AED for six and 16AED for one, so I’ll give that a go tomorrow.

Geez those Marsh boys are top notch. I wish I had a famous father

Hopefully they let all the construction men in after Friday prayer. Was great fun watching in 2014 with a full stadium and the Pakistan fans going mental when Younis Khan got 200. They get treated like rubbish but they were loving life that afternoon.

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Khawaja torn his meniscus in yesterdays warm up and needs surgery

This has to be the worst Australian batting lineup I’ve ever seen. Any ball movement at all and they are absolutely fucked.

Absolutely pathetic :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Australia Is In The Marshes - Cricket Thread 2018/19

How many times has it been said that our batsmen struggle now most of our pitches are basically flat decks? That never used to be the case in the 90s when players were exposed to pretty much every type of pitch and every ground had a reputation for a particular type of deck. That’s not the case anymore and our batsmen have gone to shit as a result.

It doesn’t really matter who we pick anymore. Except for someone like Smith, who is still not available for us, all of the Aussie batsmen are going to suffer the same way, even if they go overseas. They really need to grow up with exposure to different conditions like the great batsmen of the 90s and early 2000s did.

There’s a group of about 10 taxi drivers at one end of the stand. Every now and then a new one sprints up the stairs and joins the group, having just dropped a passenger off at the ground, and every now and then one decides that they’ve stayed as long as they can and runs back down the stairs to their cab. It’s pretty great to watch.

One hour break for prayers now so I’ve headed to the in-stadium Indian restaurant to watch the football.

We managed to give a couple more test caps to the Marshes so that’s a series win as far as I’m concerned.

About A$11… Expensive but not ridiculous. At half the price it’s cheaper than Allianz

Went to a baseball game in the US and beers (admittedly pints) were from US$15

Beers at the world cup were cheaper than Allianz.

What stadium? I’ve been to several and haven’t paid more than $9.50 for a pint.

The most expensive beer I can remember getting at a sporting event was $12 for Bud at a St Louis Rams game.

3 euro pints at the millentor, though it was astro