Sack the Board: the Cricket thread I


Maybe I got it wrong. Was LA Dodgers. It did come in a commemorative cup so maybe there was some upcharge for that.


Amazing to think that S. Marsh has been playing first class cricket for 19 seasons now. Time to call time on his potential.

Renshaw, Maxwell in for the Marsh boys.

The three new guys this series all contributed handily and can (and if given the chance) will contribute much more going forward I think.


Rangana Herath, the last active cricketer to play a Test in the '90s, is set to retire.

Will be sad to see him go, one of my alltime favourite players. If he can take 5 wickets in his last Test, he could go past Richard Hadlee and Kapil Dev on the alltime wicket takers list, would be richly deserved.


And almost all his test wickets taken after he turned 31 too.


Much hyped leggie Lloyd Pope got his maiden first class 5fer taking 7/87 for South Australia


Here’s hoping we don’t throw him straight in and ease him into national team.


It’s lucky we’ve got Lyon who’s got the spinners spot so comfortably. As long as he doesn’t get injured Pope should get properly developed. But I can totally see him getting a call to the next subcontinent tour if he hasn’t made a test debut by then


Justin Langer complaining that our batsmen don’t have the ability to dig in a graft an innings and that it’s because they’re not being taught and coached properly.
Um, weren’t you the last batting coach? You know, the one when these problems became prevalent.


Is D. Warner the greatest sook of all time? Cops a little bit of verbal on the field on Saturday, goes off for a cry, then gets the missus out on Sunday to defend him on the telly. Please, mate, you disgraced yourself and the Australian cricket team. The least you can do is take a little bit of stick without showing everyone that you’re a big fuckin Jessie


Players are over-coached, I believe.

If a player gets to Test level and hasn’t learned the mental aspect of digging in and grinding out an innings, then they’re not ready to be there.

Sadly with the de-emphasis on the Sheffield Shield, that hard practical learning ground has been worn away.


It’s a probably that but I also think that T20 is breeding players who have no patience to grind runs out.


While I agree with that. I suspect the Pakistan and Indian players play just ad much, if not more T20, and don’t suffer the same issues


Babar Azam was criticised throughout the test series for being unable to grind out a test innings despite being a bit of a gun in T20 and ODIs. He has 8 ODI hundreds, a T20 average of 57 (!) and a test average of less than 30. It’s not just an Australian thing.


Hopefully we can get Smith and Warners bans lifted before India tours this summer. The players union seem keen for it happen.

I don’t think I’ll be able to handle losing at home to India


Also that advertisement on channel 7 with Nathan Lyon is so damn cringy I need to change the channel when it comes on


Is it worse than the Warner OLED one?


Or any ad featuring Steve Smith.


Would be fantastic to see more international players making Shield and ING Cup appearances as well as the odd grade cricket match.

Won’t happen, at least with the fast bowlers due to injury management, but no excuses for the batsmen.

I used to love heading out to Waitara Oval as a kid and watching Mark Taylor playing grade cricket. Used to get some half decent crowds (for grade cricket standards) when the state and test players played grade cricket.


Nothing beats the BetEasy ads with Ponting though.


Mark Waugh did some pretty horrible ones for Nizoral drandruff shampoo.

Just had a look and yep, they’re still awful 19 years later.