Semi Final - Sydney FC vs Adelaide - 19/06/21

Well Adelaide it is. I never feel confident against Adelaide but that game against Brisbane would have been incredibly draining so I’m hoping that gives us an edge.

Big test for THB in particular and a big job for Wilko organising that defence.

I’m sure that Corica will want to start Retre at RB but I wonder if VDS might be a bit closer to Grant’s ability to support our attack.

We shall destroy them.


Goodwin being out is very good for us. And we are the form team.

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Not super stressed. When we have turned up and played well we’ve been fine. BR were pretty scratchy when chasing them - Alfie will destroy them.

I was hoping to relax GF weekend, now I have to deal with the knowledge that both EF hosts lost and our semi is next.

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We have big game players and all that malarkey, should be golden

The way Fox is showing them celebrate - fucking amateurs. This was their GF. Imagine Ninko or Wilko carrying on like that. No chance.

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I just want to get one over Adelaide as they are cunts.


They’re a pissant town with a team full of nobodies and we are the greatest club in the history of the league. We’ll scrape through on penalties.


Juric scores a couple of goals & people are jerking their collective gherkins that he should be in the NT. Yeah. nah.

2-0 to us.

We should win fairly comfortably. Brisbane were pretty poor in the first half, but came back firing in the second and were pretty unlucky to not equalize at the very least.

We will need to press Adelaide hard in the first half. Once we get one, we should be able to get 2 or 3. A strong start is and we’ve struggled with strong starts traditionally.

Is there more chance of us losing the semi or me getting hepatitis.



I’m sensing an ET winner - possibly a Bobo header just like in that FFA cup final (if my memory is correct).

one thing im sure of is we will make hard work of it one way or another


2-0 to the good guys in the 90

Looking back through the games against them this year. 2x frustrating games where we didn’t quite click during our pre-Alfie slump then absolutely smacked them a few weeks ago with this squad. Bodes well but obv order cyanide.

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We smacked them with our 3 Socceroos, who all had a really good game in Adelaide. Their absence is my main worry.

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No contest.

A lot of my NT absentee concerns were addressed in our game against BR. THB looked ok (a shot stopper but slightly nervy coming out) and Warland and Paolo were comfy. Adelaide have also lost that KFC kid and Juric is still not an amazing player (just better than BRs defence).

We are definitely not as solid defensively but we have lost 3% whereas Citeh have lost 15%. Its a real salary cap style move taking the NT out for finals.

Has thing been announced about Goodwin? Was supposed to be getting scans yesterday on his injury.

I’d be incredibly disappointed to lose to this Adelaide team without Goodwin.