SF: Australia vs England

Considering most of us are probably going to be out and about tomorrow, seems like a good time to start this thread.

This is going to be at least Australia’s biggest sporting event since Cathy Freeman. I’m still pinching myself we’re playing England in a football World Cup semi final, men or women.


I dont think Im going to get my head around “We’re playing England in a football World Cup semi final” on home soil in time for kickoff. Absolute dream.

The game itself should be an immensely tough task for us. 120mins + the emotional toll of the penalties and Tony has used a very small group of players though hopefully Kerr is fit to help this a bit.

We’re up against the European champions who are fresher than us. Tough ask.


I’m very worried that we played our grand final on Saturday.

Fingers crossed we can back it up.


England have only played the same amount of football as us and I don’t think they’ve rotated their squad that much, if at all, either. Mostly due to all the injuries they have for what would be starting players.

We’ve definitely played the full 120 minutes more recently than England have. I fear their fitness and intensity are going to prove a very serious test for the Matildas. We have the players to beat them, though, and of course the home crowd.

PS: Does anyone else think the live sites at Moore Park and Parramatta Stadium are going to be a complete mess?

So are we supposed to boo God Save King Chuck, Uruguay 2005 style?


I’m not against it. The idea of having a king. A queen I could just about handle bit a king? Ugh. I don’t vote for him!

(Seriously though the only time I have booed an anthem was provoked and Uruguay on that magical night.)

The salty tears would be amazing if we boo their anthem


Piers :sob::sob::sob:


Game day.


Needs to be booed JUST for this reaction

I was feeling okay yesterday, still riding the high from the weekend and it hadn’t really sunk in that we were in a semi final. Today on the other hand, I got nervous writing that previous sentence. This afternoon is going to drag so much, I’m a wreck.



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You know when you have something big and important looming (it may be a presentation you have to give, or a project deadline, or an assessment due, or your national team is in their first ever World Cup semi-final), and you try not to dwell too much on it, but every so often your mind keeps going back to it, and every time it does your stomach does a little backflip?

Yeah, that.


And being hosted in the same stadium, 23 years later. Let’s hope the symbolism and spiritual connection sees us home, and with all the fanfare that was had way back then. Well, except for “Aussie, Aussie Aussie, oi, oi, oi” - let’s just leave that one to the history books.

If you’re at the ground it’s inevitable you will hear the dreaded Aussie Aussie Aussie. I recommend getting behind it. We don’t have much else and we should make all the noise we can. Leave nothing behind.

I’m not joining the fucking wave though.


Today’s the first day I’ve been homesick for Sydney :cry:

I would have bought tickets to every game in Sydney if I was there.

I have not yet debased myself like this, but I’m almost there.

Most significantly, the Australian football community and respective home ends have abjectly failed at coming up with anything better that catches on. We’ve qualified for multiple men’s World Cups with tens-of-thousands of Aussies in attendance, we’ve hosted a Mens Asian Cup and a Womens World Cup and delivered nothing. Nothing better is happening, and our snootiness just leaves a void of silence.

IMO we need to make peace with this, and embrace one round of Ois where the home end leads a call and response for the whole stadium, leading into Ole Ole Ole Ole. It will 100% catch on.

It’s the worst sporting chant ever according to the history books, closely followed by “You Fat Bastard”

It’s gonna be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge - Darrell Eastlake.