I don’t think a summary like this tells much because certain referees are more likely to be allocated to high-profile games, in which Sydney is usually facing higher quality opposition. And also getting Beathed is so much more than just dropping points.

But anyway these are the results by referee for Australian domestic comps (OCC qualifying, Pre-Season Cup, A-League, FFA Cup).

Always knew Strebre hated us


Just spent a while going through some of our old matches and made the following random observations:

Milos Degenek turned out for us at Seymour Shaw back in 2011? We conceded 3 goals, all in the second half which he played.

Ben Warland apparently also played the second half of our 2012 friendly against Adelaide out at Marconi. Must’ve been straight out of the AIS at the time? I was at that game, no recollection of him specifically though I did recall the second half being pretty much entirely yoof.

Danny Choi apparently came off the bench for us in our 2014 Macarthur friendly. Everyone was frothing over him after his FFA Cup exploits, but who knew we’d already trialled him well before that?

Plenty of other names cropped up that took me down memory lane (Ken Chun lol), but those were the most interesting I had no idea ever wore our shirt.

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The search function is still in the works but I’ve managed to add a small feature: ages and number of appearances now appear alongside the Sydney FC team sheet on match pages — for both men’s and women’s teams. Click on the column header to switch between them.

They are shaded so you can get a quick idea of how old/experienced our lineup was. Ages are more blue the closer they are to the youngest ever player, or more orange if they are closer to the oldest ever, with white being the midpoint. Appearances are darker blue the closer they are to our record appearance tally.

If things look weird the first time you go to the page, you might need to Shift+F5 to reload the stylesheet.

Just a small new thing as I wait til I have time to work more on the search. The following links will send you to a randomly-selected competitive match. May bring back some good or terrible memories.

Men’s team: http://www.sfcstatistics.com/random-match/
Women’s team: http://www.sfcstatistics.com/womens-random-match/

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Great idea!

Great idea. Weirdly the second random game selected for me was the first Sydney game I ever attended.

Brilliant idea. The random link took me to that 5-4 game up at Bluetongue!

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Derby is showing KGJ as the ref when in actual fact it was Gillett. :wink:

:man_facepalming: Thanks. Will fix in the morning

Well here it is… the match search function:

(if this looks a little borked, hit Shift+F5 to reload the CSS)

You can use it to search for Sydney FC’s competitive matches based a huge number of criteria, including day, month, year, season, competition, stage (regular season / finals), referee, opponent, venue, attendance, and more, as well as placing restrictions on the result (at full-time, half-time, just in the second half, etc). You can also get a summary of the results by some other criteria.

A few examples:

Have a play around. Let me know if you find any interesting results, or if anything seems broken.


Excellent work mate.
From a quick play, it looks like we have a phenomenally good winning record in the HAL whenever there are 7+ goals scored (66%), but only a more normal 35% or so when exactly 6 are scored.
To this end, it is in our interests to turn every match into an absolute shoot-out with no defense. I think that’s how the stats work, yeah?



Indeed. I thought of that post at 4-2: even if they scored again it just would have increased our chances!

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I finally wrote my first blog post for the site. I know it’s not the most interesting topic of all time, but I’d be grateful for any feedback (in the comments or on here)



That was a really great, in depth read. Interesting to note that Corica and Arnold aren’t unusual among our managers for being reticent to use subs. I was really quite surprised by that.

You have “Opposition leading” twice in the following table

Half-time score Matches SFC HT subs (Avg) Opp HT subs (Avg)
Opposition leading 93 34 (0.37) 6 (0.06)
Scores level 142 7 (0.05) 25 (0.18)
Opposition leading 115 6 (0.05) 34 (0.30)

Thanks, fixed it up.

I also forgot to say – I have a few other ideas in the works but if anyone has anything in particular you’d like me to look at, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.