With all the blather about the fence collapse v Adelaide, I was scratching my head about when it happened before. I knew it was a Finnish lad, whose name I couldn’t recall… strangely, I did remember that he was keen to be known as ‘The Surgeon’… and that he hardly got a game for us. I had it in my head that it was during the Farina era.
Wrong about that part.
2 minutes on SFC Statistics and I have my answer.
Thanks, Rowdy, you’re TOPS!

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It happened with Jurman one year as well. From my memory, this is the 3rd fence weve taken down.

The Newcastle fence we didn’t actually take down. Was standing near it before we got that goal and there was actually a gate at the bottom of the stairs that hadn’t been locked. When players ran up, Cove ran down and straight through the gate.

Nah, fence deffo broke

The one that nearly killed Jurman was a last-minute Makela goal, but against the Gold Coast.

He stayed away from the fence when he scored against Melbourne (which was the following week). So only a 67% fences broken:goals ratio for the Surgeon.


Damn, maybe it’s cos the gate swung open and the rest went with it? Def remember that day as it was the game where NSW Police decided to have a training run for the riot police and we ended up with a cop carrying a shotgun in the stands above us

I did a (long) thing about the 2018–19 season:


Stuff like this, which shows that 2018–19 had (by one measure, at least) the second-most uneven distribution of goals amongst players of any previous seasons: over 60% of Sydney’s goals were scored by four players (Le Fondre, Brosque, Buhagiar & Devlin) who were on the pitch for less than 10% of the total player-minutes.



Wondering if there’s anything on hand to shed some light onto the musical chair of stadiums. With regards to performance and attendance - is there any points of interest in the Leichhardt vs Kogarah debate?

I think it’s almost impossible to say much, especially based on one season’s worth of data. So many different factors influence the attendances and performances, and matches aren’t randomly allocated to venues.

I did an analysis a while ago which tried to identify the most important predictors of SFC’s attendances (it should be on the forum archive, but that seems to be down at the moment). I hope to be able to update that with some more detailed data that I’ve managed to get my hands on.


That is honestly one of the coolest nerdy football pieces I’ve ever seen, hats off to you sir!


Brilliant work mate

This reminds me, I miss the weekly SFC trivia thread, we should get that up and running again.

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Just checked out the friendlies section, updated and detailed. Top work honestly.

Niceeeeeee, I wonder how hard it would be to get every game of SFC onto this.

Every game as in youth / NPL as well? I’ve been working on it slowly; things are really patchy for the early years of the NYL in particular. All the others (senior men’s and women’s) are there.

Ohh nice. I think I’ve got some data for some old NYL stuff.

Some new features just added:

I’m still looking for someone who would like to write player profiles for the site. Please get in touch if you’re interested!


Hey @Rowdy, contact form on the website didn’t seem to be working for me (“There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.”)

I was clicking through the site while listening to the pod and came across the Contribute section. Since it’s on your list, and since I’ve played with it before, I’ve got results for the NPL fixtures from 2016-2020.

If that’s still useful let me know and I’ll send it through.


Feature Request (also happy to help if you’d like?): given the (excellent!) data is available with injuries/suspensions/etc., I think it would be interesting to have an ‘Unavailable’ section on the match reports.

Was digging around into youth debut appearances and it was a bit fiddly (going into previous games to see line-ups, and several players’ career visualisations to figure out who was injured/suspended/internationals) to figure out the circumstances resulting in the promotion to the line-up.

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Nice idea. That is something I can extract from the database as it is, so I don’t think I’d need help, but it might take a little time to implement. Mainly because I have been working on another feature and don’t want to break anything until I get it done. (This is also the reason not much else has been done on the site in a while, including the NPL results mentioned in your previous post, > 18 months ago :no_mouth: )