SFCU A-League Fantasy - 2023/24

Welcome to SFCU’s A-League Fantasy Competition for season 2023/2024. Thanks to those who’ve shown interest in joining up and offered their preference for our historic rules to remain in place. They are:

  1. No current MV / Australia’s Shame players

  2. No Ninkovic, he’s dead to us

  3. Minimum 3 SFC players in your squad

I will monitor completed squads from week to week and note any issues in this thread. Historically any breaches have resulted in yellow cards / warnings, if not rectified the Fantasy VAR may review and upgrade it to a red. Please don’t be that guy. :wink:

Link to the newly created SFCU group is:

You can login via the web or through the recently rebranded KeepUp app (it’s now A-Leagues only) by going through the “More” or … menu, then clicking Fantasy, ALM Fantasy, Leagues and finally Join/Create Group and entering the SFCU group code of 759911.

If any issues please post here or send me a PM and I’ll try to be of assistance. You will have unlimited changes to your fantasy squad prior to the ALM kicking off next Friday, thereafter each weekend will see rolling lockouts where players are unable to be moved once their club has kicked off.

There’s also an ALW fantasy comp, I’ve knocked up an ALW side as well and if enough interest am happy to create an SFCU sister group (no pun etc).

Honour Roll

2014/15 Neckbeard - Rieper

2015/16 New York Citney FC - Belldiouf

2016/17 Clovis United - Clovis

2017/18 Homiesters – ???

2018/19 Underachievers - Eddie

2019/20 Ezimbizi - Sponsor

2020/21 Brighton & Cove Albion Street - Hybrid

2021/22 Underachievers - Eddie (2)

2022/23 Wolf Pack - BernieIbini12345


That’s quite the effort!


Thanks for organizing!

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Just joined, thanks for making it easier to decide on players.

Wiped my team about 10 times already.

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time to create a team and ignore it after round 1


How many times can I change my line up between now and next week?

Reminder to get those teams in today, folks. :wink:

We already have 17 teams entered into the SFCU league with some familiar looking entries which is great to see.

I’ll be doing the usual pre-season panic trades all day today, lol. Actually had a team I was super happy with under the $3M salary cap in Sportsdeck, but haven’t been able to get the same XV into the KeepUp salary cap of $4M (someone’s pro-rata price must be out of whack).

Feel free to show yourselves before we go on to embarrass ourselves. My team is Al-Wehdafaq, it’s a Saudi vi$ion inspired fictitious merger between Craig Goodwin’s Al-Wehda and Stevie G’s Al-Ettifaq. :wink:

Aziz “always our” Behich is the culprit. Available for a bargain basement $202.9K in Sportsdeck, that should equate to ~$270K in KeepUp but instead there he’s going for top dollar $348K.

Everyone else I’ve looked at is pretty close to the mark, Maclaren and Mak a little higher, Risdon is substantially cheaper than straight pro-rata.

Yeah I joined.

It’s kinda like football manager, I just can’t select a whole team of Sydney lol.

OK I’m onboard.
Ended up with a hideous frankenteam due to time constraints and the fact that I cant remember who anyone is or if anyone is good outside of our own team.

Don’t forget the team sheet/lineup announcement pre-game panic trades!

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Yeah I’ve given up staring at it for now and will come back once those Adelaide and CCM team sheets are in! They’re the only priority for today.

I joined, but i know i’ll get penalised for not following rules, since i’ve joined so many other groups too.

And i’ll forget the rules, basically, No MV players, no Ninkovic and 3 SFC players a must. I’ll try to remember.

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Underachievers are ready to go for another season.
There were moves behind the scenes to oust me after failing to defend the title last year and rumours of dressing room discontent. As a result I had a Popa like clean out and have a bunch of new players that I’ll no doubt trade in and out on multiple occasions this year.

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Intending to update the honour roll at some point, can whoever won it last year please put their hand up? I recall fading to second, just like the year before when Eddie won it, but can’t remember who it was that took the title.

Team picked and saved. To SFCU rules. Still very satisfied with it to go along with the other no rules groups/leagues.

Thanks CM/FM and years of football watching to use my life time.

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I think I won it last year.

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Cactus All Stars take a healthy lead after the first game. Glad I had Kitto as captain!

All downhill from here.

Vice captain O’Shea scores.

Tank captaincy.


Spirit of the game completely out the window! Muscat level tinkering that is