SFCU Official A-League Fantasy Comp 22/23

Hey guys,

I’ve started a fantasy league on the official site for SFCU:


Once you’ve created your team you can join the league:


Admins, please feel free to delete this post if a more official unofficial league is going to be started. I ran a search but couldn’t find one for this season.


I’ve joined, are we doing same rules as previous years?

As in?

I’ve just setup the league utilising default settings on the site at this point. Happy to change if the mob demands it.

I think Paulska is referring to our old rules: no Wanderers or Victory players and you must have the maximum number of Sydney players.

I’d prefer they be abolished tbh.


Rules are rules!

My reasoning is with Victory being good again, makes it difficult to compete in other leagues. Wanderers might have a couple of good options.

Just having a look at it now, layout is remarkably similar to the Sportsdeck one we’ve used in previous years, dollar values appear to have just been pro-rated to a $4M cap instead of $3M but the rest of it appears identical and it’s probably running off the same platform.

I’m in favour of keeping the rules but happy to go with the majority. Iirc it was only no ‘tards’ and no Santalab, other Wanderers players were accepted and a self-imposed handicap anyways. Maybe this year should be no snakes :snake:.

Will definitely join but in keeping with the turncoat theme I’m leaving Brighton & Cove Albion Street behind and will henceforth be known as Crystal Phallus.

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Happy to go with the majority. Is anyone smart enough to start a poll? I believe the choices are:

  1. No WSW or Victory
  2. No Victory
  3. Laissez Faire

I don’t mind which rules we use but can we not use that term?


My bad… No excuses. Have changed options.

Noting no other feedback we’ll just let everyone pick teams according to their conscious.

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Victory have some good players so I’d prefer to go pick from anyone.

Just make 2 teams. Use one as your no restrictions side and the other for this competition.

Last chance to get your teams in and maximise points before the season starts tonight!

Get in!!

I may need to sub Rodwell out but otherwise I would actually like to see how this team would play in real life.

Great start for my team.

The two Melb C players I had on my team (Galloway and Good) didn’t even get on the pitch. Good is injured, so thats my bad, but looks like Talbot has taken Galloway’s spot.

Couldn’t get in to change my team in the lead up to kick off, may as well write the season off now

Same with me for Good, luckily I had McLaren also

I’ve been dicked in round 1. Very deliberately had Maclaren VC, Davila C.

After Maclaren racked up 17 points I had no faith Davila would equal or better, so put Macarthur’s 3rd choice keeper in as Captain (knowing he would not play, Kurto’s points would count off the bench instead, and Maclaren would score double).

Somehow they’ve recorded Garuccio as VC. Missus had the same issue, poor thing ended up with Lacroix’s minus points counting double even though she never selected him for either role.

I think the Captain thing (and presumably VC too, which I hadn’t even noticed) are by default based on most expensive player.
I also had a horrible round (ie picked Lacroix). My FF teams are absolute nailed on player killers. I’m gonna get rid of my SFC players so as not to derail their season.

If that’s the case that it over-writes selections they can GGF.

It was super fiddly to select both roles through the KeepUp app. I saved team, logged out and then logged back in to ensure it had recorded what I picked. Took a few attempts but eventually managed to get the VC right before City & Western kicked off. Then amended the Captain pick on Saturday before Macarthur played. :man_shrugging: