SFCU Patreon Account - Support SFCU

Want to support SFCU? The best supporter forum in Australia (3- time FFDU award winner)

or if you prefer a one or annual payment - paypal to gmuir1 (at) gmail.com

If you do either of these, let me know by DM or posting here so I can apply the ‘coin’ flair to your avatar.


Superb, thanks Grant

Edit: You just might want to add some info about how to go about getting the badge on your name.

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Done. Thanks for all the work you do and have done for so many years.

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Good Point

Done as well. Really happy to support the site. A source of years of fun and frustration relief (not so much of that since the ROT ended). I don’t like using FB etc etc so this is perfect for me. And thanks, Jubal, for doing such a great job and for so long.

Thanks mate, it’s a labour of love, a community that I’m immensely proud of, wholly due to the quality of the people in it.


So when do the nude videos start?


Soon as my parole ends.

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Paid through your Payid mate. Many thanks for all the work that has gone in to keeping this place running. The quality of discussion here is miles above anywhere else and we’re lucky to have such a place.

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Thanks mate, very much appreciated.

Slightly concerned I’m the only cheapskate on the $5 tier…


When do I get the number for the Milos hotline?

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Hotline? He’ll call you.

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There’s at least one other, I’m grateful for your contribution mate, aint no cheapskate level.

Done my friend, thanks for everything you do not only for the forum but for the club over the years, and supporting our folly podcast so well from the get-go. Very much appreciated & loved. - Jono

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What’s the deal with the badge thing?

Lifters not leaners? :slight_smile:

That’s the OnlyFans SFCU account.

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Wait… I didn’t sign up for jubal’s OnlyFans by doing this did I?