Sigh - the NSW politics thread

Luke Foley is facing allegations of misconduct after they were raised in federal parliament:

The Australian are also reporting that he risks being rolled. I’d offer up names for alternative leaders but none actually spring to mind.

People would already be surprised that Luke Foley is actually the opposition leader due to his low profile so anyone else wouldn’t be a shock.

NSW Labor Opposition has been insipid for a long long time.

Look, I’m not completely clueless when it comes to politics, but yeah, took me a minute when I saw the headline yesterday to remember who he was.

Does Labor’s low profile, combined with this issue pretty much guarantee re-election for Gladys in March?

It’s a compelling argument to get rid of this level of government. That such a poor government be able to sleep walk to another term due to a useless opposition is awful for the state. See also how many terms Labor won last time they were in power after it was clear they were lazy and corrupt, due to the Libs being pathetic.

Thoughts on the announcement for spending of the Snowy Hydro Fund?

Initial thought: I’ll believe it when I see it.

See I’m not too sure, I think Labor are going with the; “At least we’re not the Liberal Party” tactic and hoping that people will just pick someone else.

Unless they are electrifying the line and getting new trains the differences are going to be tiny.

If you get rid of the state governments, from where will the federal government derive it’s power?

I haven’t even read what Foley is alleged to have done. I did pick up that drink was involved.
Given that he was done TWICE for drink-driving, I suspect Foley’s time should be coming to an end soon enough…
Having read the story, I find that Abetz was the source of the current brouhaha.
Consequently, I fully retract my previous comments…Can I claim forumentary privilege?

From public goodwill?

Mark Latham will be a One Nation upper house candidate

Latham is 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag.

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I think you want more shit and less bag

So Luke Foley to be gone shortly.

Micheal Daley to take over? Still feels like a pretty talentless bunch at the moment.

So Ashleigh Raper doesn’t want to pursue the allegations (which she’s more than entitled to do), but then gets dragged into a game of cheap political points scoring by both Elliott and Abetz and is now going to be dragged into defamation proceedings. Seriously?

Yep, welcome to Politics in 2018. What a farken shit fight.

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