Sky Blue Stories podcast thread

Hey so it looks like (finally) some people have got around to making a Sydney FC podcast. I haven’t had a listen yet but you can find it here:


Had a chat with one of the guys who do this, he should be on here at some point soon to say a bit more about it.

We should encourage this and efforts like it.

BTW, we did have a podcast about 7-8 years ago for about a year.


Hey All, long time reader first time poster, thanks Jubal for the access and chat on Saturday. So myself and a few mates have kicked off Sky Blue Stories as a dedicated SFC podcast. I know there have been a few iterations across the years (Sky Blue Views, Nothing But Blue Skies) but seems there’s been a lack of one for a while. The challenge for us is getting content out on a consistent basis but so far so good, we’re recording Ep 3 tomorrow night. We hope to not just chat game reviews and club news but eventually invite fans in to tell their story and what the club means to them etc. Until now, we’ve only been on Twitter so I wanted to extend a bit onto here. Thanks for spreading the word and give us a listen, chuck feedback our way, make suggestions for improvements etc. Response so far has been really positive - so we feel all warm and fuzzy. To give you an idea of our expertise, in Ep1 we put the boot into Kosta, and he scored the winner against City… we then put the boot into Paulo in Ep2… so we’re really looking forward to talking players into form over the next few weeks :rofl:

Have a listen and enjoy. Thanks


I miss Jaza’s Cove Radio Rants.

A true high point for the club.


Jaza rants in general

I was one of the “96 listeners of ep1” you mentioned in ep2.

For a brand new podcast I was quite impressed with the quality.

I know you said you were recording in a proper studio, which helps, but I’ve listened to a lot of fledgling shows over the years and new presenters usually sound a bit amateur-ish.

You guys sounded quite relaxed and natural.

Keep it up, and I look forward to this being a staple on my podcast list.

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Half way through EP1 (first day back at work - morning commute), sounding good so far. I’m really happy that we have a podcast again so thank you for taking the initiative.

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Good work guys.

Suggestions: no-one say “FC” when referring to Sydney FC. That is all.


I hear people say that all the time. Doesn’t bother me that much though I guess.

My request: no one refer to Ninkovic as Ninkovic, Ninko, Milos, or Milos2. Please only refer to him as “The Dreamboat”. Thanks.

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I fucking hate it. On every level.


Yeah I am with you on this. Are we the only football club in the world?

We are the only 1 that matters


Ozzie cameos too

Ha! It’s funny I hate it too… but was probably me who dropped it. Excellent feedback. We’ve also been requested to swear more and talk about true crime. I’m considering taking at least one of those suggestions on board.

Coming soon to Sky Blue Stories “When the Bossch should have killed Berisha - A True Crime Story”


2 nil

So I’ve listened through an episode and a half now, and I really enjoyed it. I’ll echo what people said above about the professional feel about it. Being in an actual studio paid off. Also the conversational tone of it works really well.

I think it would good to have a brief preview of the next game, maybe just a brief discussion of what you’re looking for from us, any thoughts on our opposition and maybe a score prediction (always fun)? Just a thought.

The prosecution rests your honour.

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Yeah put this down to amateur hour. I picked this up from EP 2 during the re-listen. Its definitely on the run sheet for tomorrow and going forward.


Great work boys, just subscribed. I’m all in for some 100% biased sky blue chat.


The quality is beyond great and everyone seems likable enough to listen non-stop for an hour or two so massive props guys.