Sky Blue Stories podcast thread

I’ve heard tons of people refer to Sydney FC as just FC or even “The FC”.

Doesn’t bother me.

I’m up to EP2 now. Seriously amazed at the quality considering it’s your first podcast. Keep 'em coming.

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Any chance of getting this on some rss feeds? Not showing up in my podcast app :frowning:

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What app do you use?

I’m not seeing it on Pocket Casts.

On Pocket Casts at least, you can copy the link to the RSS feed – – directly into the search field (in Discover), and it should come up. Sometimes you need to give it a few seconds.


That did the trick. Thank you.

I listened to the first eps yesterday, and it’s sounding good - a welcome addition to the week.

That worked, thanks rowdy

Good episode today boys.

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Does anyone use Player FM (Android user) for their podcasts and know how to link / find the new Sydney podcast?

I don’t, but I would guess if you try to use the link in Rowdy’s post above, you may have some luck.

Hey mate, Jimmy has put it up on Player FM now so should be working???

Listened to all the episodes today at work. Very professional considering you guys are just starting and a big fan. My feedback would be (apologies for formatting as I’m on my phone):

  • Continue talking players into form. I expect a clean sheet this weekend and a blinder from Kosta.
  • Limit foreign dial ins as the slight delay results in you talking over each other which is quite annoying.
  • Local dial ins are cool but would try to keep them short as the difference in audio quality is usually quite jarring.
  • Since it’s called sky blue stories I’d like to see a few more stories from regular fans. Maybe ending your podcast with a prompt or theme for stories from listeners who could then tweet/message you guys and maybe discuss the most interesting one next episode or even a mini interview would be interesting.
  • Maybe do the keep/sell/hold thing once a month as at the moment it kind of just plays out as a who is out of form thing.

Keep up the good stuff guys!

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I’d like to see more important topics covered, such as the great chicken shop debate, pineapple on pizza, beetroot on burgers, the lack of cup holders in stadium seating, as well as the REAL reason why we let Janko leave


I really liked how no one said “FC”.

I give $1 a month to a few niche podcasts I’m into (yeah, I’m loaded), maybe have a look at getting a Patreon. I’m guessing a few others would be willing to make a small contribution.

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I had the same thought on buy/sell/hold. Once a month makes a lot more sense.

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Get to the bottom of this and it really will be worth listening to!

Listening to the new pod - great work boys. Agree with the feedback about not having anyone dial in, the audio quality is a bit jarring.

Otherwise great work.

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Just listened to the podcast boys ! I’m kinda late to the piece but definitely will be listening every week. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Newy game :+1::+1:

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Will we get a pod tonight with the bye?