Sky Blue Stories podcast thread

Hey mate, we’ve pre-recorded a short one that’s gone up this morning - no reviews or previews just a bit of fun. Back with the full pod next week and our first(all things going right) “Story” outside of the main hosts to come in for a chat too


Loved the Foreign XI pod, great stuff boys

Keen for the 5 appearances or less pod!


Best one yet. I think i like the anorakness. Chris Oldfield references = good podcast.


really enjoyed this one - excellent work.

decent XI as well

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Loved the foreign XI. Some tough decisions had to be made there.

With the goalkeeper though, didn’t we sign some French bloke in the early years as our third choice or something? Someone with better memory might be able to correct me here.

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Thanks everyone - I had a lot of fun doing this one. I’ve already instantly wanted to chop and change a few! For example, if Jimmy wasn’t such a Janko fanboy then I would have put Dwight in on the bench. And Yes! Michael Herbet has been brought up who made 1 unused sub appearance. I knew there was someone like that but he escaped my memory. I think he played for Olympic and Blacktown City too…looking at SFC Stats was way back in 2007


Janko wouldn’t make my bench. Bobo is the same type of player but much better.

Yeah that sounds about right. Given how few options there are though for that keeper role you could spice it up and expand it to include foreign born Aussies - Vedran and Cisak (I don’t think there is anyone else?).

I had initially thought Cisak (born in Poland) but grew up here so maybe not.

A far bigger problem was Petkovic at RB. He was horrendously one footed (left) wasn’t he or bad memory from me?

Byun could play either side though so you can just switch them round


Signed from Waverly Old Boys for the game against Perth over there. I think Brendan Renaud was seconded from his back room role to play 90 minutes. There were a whole lot of players away on international duty with both clubs cobbling together enough players to take to the field in 40+ degree heat. It remains the worst game of football I have seen in the A League.


This is the kind of Sydney fc nerd content I come here for. Get him on your podcast sky blue stories.

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To further emphasise how shit that weekend was for football, I think it may have been when the Socceroos had several players with 3 digit numbers on their shirts.

Dwight Yorke > M1los? Discuss.

Note - I saw his penis in a v1 pre-season during a shorts adjustment so I’m bias.

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I went to this game in Canberra and can concur

M1los was the better professional but All Night Dwight still outperformed him both on and off the pitch.
It wasn’t until the arrival of ADP that the club had so much wide spread exposure. Yorkie was on the front page, back page and in the socialite section of the paper routinely. He attended every party and event in Sydney yet still delivered the performances on the pitch. It was like he was on a gap year here, faffing about for 12 months prior to getting his arse into gear and return to the Premier League.
Poor M1los, he dominated the league winning every accolade, was the consummate professional and is a fan favourite but at the end of the day he’s not even the best Milos we’ve had.

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Milos in terms of performance. Dwight in terms of Marketing… having said that they are both amazing

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Some good players don’t even make the Foreign XI bench: SDJ, Despotovic, Cazarine, Yorke, Abbas

Ali was there! There were only 2 players with 1 season or less I think in the entire squad. Janko for Lols and Mierzejewski on the bench coz he was ridiculous.

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Uh, thats right, I stand corrected.

Suggestions for other XI squads:

  • Locals XI (Sydney born and bred XI)
  • Academy/NYL Grad XI

Other suggestions

A “Who?” XI players people don’t even know we signed
A “Why?” XI players people cannot conceive of a reason for us having signed.