Slainte, the Malt Whisky thread

There used to be a whisky thread on the old forum. With winter coming it is time it was re-introduced. I will kick it off with an opinion and a question.
Last year I bought a bottle of Tallisker 18yo. Not being a fan of the 10 yo I was surprised how superb it really was. To make sure I was not imagining it the bottle was empty before I could decide whether it was the best malt I have ever tasted.
Any other opinions?
And can anyone tell me where I can find another bottle?

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Tried a bunch of single malts over the last few years, dislike most peated so when it comes to Islay I thoroughly endorse your avatar and love a Bunna.

But the nectar of the gods remains GlenDronach imo. For $90 on members at Dan’s it simply can’t be beaten, intending to open a fresh bottle tonight after polishing another in the last week (did have some help from the lads last weekend).

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I joined the whisky club around a year ago, really great service. Around $150 a month if you don’t opt out, really good if you’ve got the cash

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I was a member in their early days and joined again recently. They are releasing some interesting malts that are unavailable elsewhere, at the moment I am picking nd choosing, but find I have become very set in my ways and that it takes something really excellent to turn my head.
If your want a really awesome experience join the SMWS. Their tastings are awesome. I had to leave for health and wealth reason. Anyone who is a malt lover should give them a go.

Been drinking plenty of Starward (Port Melbourne) lately. Aged in wine barrels they have excellent flavour and they are quite smooth.

Tend the drink the Islay ones over winter. Enjoying peaty varieties more and more. Used to be a massive Speyside man but have branched out the last few years.

The recent Welsh malt they released is well worth a look.

Interesting. I started with Islay malts and regarded Speysides as lacking something. Talk about stupid.

Like you I do not drink much Islay outside winter. What I favour at any one time depends more on mood than anything else so it pays to have a good selection locked away.

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Which Starward Mick?

Nova is my favourite. Aged in Shiraz barrels.

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This is my current collection. I can recommend the Nikka Coffey Malt, the Limeburner and the Yamazaki. The Laphroaig Cairdeas is the best of the collection but cannot be bought retail anymore. The Nikka Days is the best value for money.


In the ~$100 range caol ila 12 is a really nice balance of peat and malt and for a long time there was my go to as it balanced out really nicely the peaty flavours with enough malt without becoming overwhelmingly Smoky.


Nikka Coffey Malt is beutiful, just starting to get very hard to buy. I’m finding most of the stuff coming out of Starward is a big hit each time and generally reasonably priced. Octave is a nice drop if you can get it.

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I have an unopened one in a fancy box I got from Japan Years ago now that I think about it.

Endorse that, yhe starward twofold has replaced whatever I used to drink as my go to.

I have not chased the Australian malts too much as the few I have tried have not overly impressed.
However, I will give the Starboard a try.
I missed the happy times of Japanese malts, ie when they were not ridiculously priced and a lot easier to source.
I find there are enough Scottish distilleries to keep me well occupied at present, especially when you look at the many independent bottlings.

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I had built a decent collection through The Whisky Club. A couple of Larks, a Starward, and a Bushmills amongst others.
If anyone wants it was last seen floating down the Wilsons River in the early hours of this morning.

I’m a traditionalist, if it’s not from Scotland it’s not whisky.

It may well be really nice, it may well be fabulous, but it’s not whisky. Yes, I’ve sampled Irish, Japanese and even Australian efforts, I even like some of them, but it’s not whisky.

My current stash includes
Talisker 10 year old - Islay
Caol Ila 18 year old - Islay
Laphroaig Select - Islay
Strathmill 25 (unopened) - Speyside
Glenmorangie Nectar D’or 12 year old - Highland
Johnnie Walker Blue Label - Speyside blend

My taste varies with my mood, but my current favorite is the Caol Ila 18 year old.


Sorry to be a pedant (no I’m not) Talisker is from Skye not Islay.

I know but it’s generally grouped with Islay malts from a flavour perspective

My ideal whisky cabinet can contain:

At the back well hidden and only brought out under extreme provocation for those who understand.
Talisker 18YO
Glenmorangie 18YO and/or 19YO
Glenfarclas 15 or 17YO

For everyday drinking
Lagavulin 16 yo
Glenmorangie 10yo
Glenfiddich 15 yo
Bowmore 12yo
plus a changing mixture of independent bottlings that catch my eye, especially anything from Manochmore or Scapa and anything that I think interesting from the Single Malt Whisky Cub.

Most of these are absent at any one time (they do not last long) but is something to aim for.

Agree but forums are made for pedantry. :wink: