So this is Social-ism? the Social Media thread

So “Threads” then. I know a lot of us twitter users have absolutely had it with that platform since Elon Musk decided to move in with his excellent ideas, but anyone else finding the new competitor is pretty shite?

The fact that you are entirely at the whim of the algorithm, and just get its suggested list of posts which ignores whether I follow someone or not is entirely unsatisfying. It keeps giving me the same posts from the same people I don’t follow, and unless I have time to keep scrolling, I don’t have the chance to work out whether there is anything I actually want to see or not. Unless/until they offer the ability to just get a straightforward stream of the people I’m following so that it doesn’t place some random famous cunt above people I care about and want to hear from, I can’t find it being of much use whatsoever.

Then there is the fact that its owner was the previous sociopathic fuquewitte du jeur until Musk decided to let the world get to know him better can only make this a very temporary destination for me at least.

Well, anyone have any tips for making it more bearable?

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I don’t know, but if that’s how it works I won’t bother.

Insta already pisses me off to the point I’m not sure if I’ll keep it.

It basically ends up being the same as Insta in that you get what it chooses to throw at you, except that it’s more word-oriented, and Insta has the poorly implemented option on the mobile version at least that you can set it to “Following” (even if you have to select it EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.)

So, it’s pretty poor. I really don’t get all these people raving about it. Other than it makes Musk very unhappy, which in itself is a brilliant reason to eulogise it. So, it’s great, really!


As much as it’s funny to see Musk get kicked in the balls it’s pretty depressing to see people run to the arms of Zuckerberg when he’s arguably more dangerous and has absolutely done more damage to people.

This will not end well.

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The world does not need another social media platform.


Privacy nightmare?

Looks like every other social media app ever.

Forza Mastodon and the Fediverse.

It’s facebook. Always going to be.


Can’t we all just go back to fragmenting onto niche forums?


Only if Arlo comes back.

Yeah hard to argue that, but given threads has been barred from release due to the privacy holes in the EU so it’s a few levels worst on the app level at least.

You gotta wonder though, whether it’s more the fact that it’s a new app. It’d be significantly harder to ban facebook, insta, twitter and co purely due to the loss of income businesses throughout Europe would have.

The EU have a rule where you cannot transfer user data collected in the EU to places outside the EU.

Fines are issued for voiding this. I think Facebook have racked up a fuckload (actual figure).

This new app isn’t any worse than the others, I don’t think, but they can simply ban it due to being new. The existing apps had EU privacy laws retroactively applied.


I’m not on any social media apart from this place (if this even fits that mould?).

Love not being part of any of it. And I don’t find I miss out on anything.


…without the permission of the indivudual which is now baked into the Ts&Cs


Need know signing SFC squad.

He’s changing it’s name to ‘X’.

This has to be the most Musk timeline.

Marks the spot, I guess.