South American Football

Copa Libertadores final will be river vs Boca. Absolute scenes are definite form that match up.

Crazy scenes in the semi between River and Gremio too

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I think SBS has shown a few matches of the comp, keen to see the final. Will be massive

I wonder if away fans will be allowed. I’m pretty sure their first division hasn’t for a few years now, bit this is obviously a different tournament and may well have stipulations for away fans.

Yeh interested re the away fans too. Absolute scenes if they allow it.

Pretty surprised this is the first superclasico libertadores final…

So apparently there will be away fans, but watch this space, as CONMEBOL have not yet confirmed that Boca’s opponent are going to be River Plate. There is a protest being made by Gremio that River coach Marcelo Gallardo (remember him?) violated his ban and was relaying instructions to assistants, and more crucially visited the team dressing room at half time.
I doubt that the governing body would pass up the opportunity for a Superclasico final given the huge buzz it has generated, but the fact that they named Boca and their stadium but not their opponents when announcing the final dates is worth keeping in mind.

Fernando Ovelar, born 6 January 2004, just became the youngest scorer in the Paraguayan league, scoring for Cerro Porteno in their 2-2 draw with Olimpia.

It’s been confirmed that away fans will be banned from the libertadores final

Solid match this morning. Keen for the return leg.

Cracking viewing, 2nd leg should be equally epic.

Boca vs River has been delayed because the Boca bus was attacked by River ultras. The bus windows were broken and tear gas aimed at the River ultras got into the bus.

Crazy that they only delayed it a few hours

Finally postponed. Ridiculous they were considering it for so long.

Only reasonable decision. Have to play it mid week behind closed doors, surely.

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Surprised though that it is meant to take place tomorrow morning. While a one day turn around can’t be the best, it would be a nightmare to hold the game at the same time as the g20 summit. Reports have suggested though that should Boca refuse due to injuries or whatever, they will forfeit the trophy.

So the Boca bus gets attacked but they’ll be the ones punished if the game isn’t played? This is why I don’t bother with South American football, absolute shambles.

Yeah it sounds like fifa or the federation putting the game before safety. If anything I’d be telling the river fans if they pull this shit tomorrow the game will be cancelled and Boca awarded the trophy

Sounds like the game is off completely/postponed indefinitely? Shit scenes in Argentina for what should have been an absolutely cracker game

I guess this is the best place for this… I’m sure most of you have seen it, but here’s a post match interview with Maradona:

So itll be 9/10 December outside of Argentina. River stripped of hosting rights.

have the confirmed city? I know Genoa in italy had out their hands up to host