South American Football


Kogarah or Leichhardt? Let the punters decide.




I’m sure 80,000 fairweather River and Boca fans can be conned into going to ANZ.


That would be some scene.


So. That’s great.


Lol. I mean, one of them IS going to be playing in the Club World Championship a few days later, but still…


What a comprehensive allround clusterf


saw a post on FB it’s at the Bernabau?


Yeah came to post the same


i usually come first

boom tish


So after initially opposing a second leg being played and wanting to title awarded to them, Boca seem fine with playing in Madrid. But now River dont want to play unless its in Buenos Aires


1-1 after 80. Boca player goes dow in the box and it’s called indirect free kick?


Couldn’t figure that one out either. It wasn’t a foul in the first place, but I thought a foul in the box is automatic penalty?

Also they’ve suspended away goals for the two ties.


Boca player sent off.


did you think he deserved it? Both players went into it 50/50 Thought the River slide was just as bad


Yeah I thought that too. One of those things which a yellow could be argued but a yellow to send off is harsh


Not necessarily. A high foot not making contact with the opposition player (dangerous play) is an indirect free kick.
There are also other instances where a foul committed by the defending team inside the penalty area results in an indirect free kick (most commonly GK handling a back pass)

*I haven’t seen the incident you’re referring to.