Squad speculation thread 2019/20

Well the season is officially over for us so it’s time to look forward to next season and our new squad.

I haven’t got the full squad contract list but if someone wants to post it below then I’m happy to chuck it in the first post as well.


#23) Rhyan Grant


#2) Patrick Flottmann
#3) Ben Warland
#5) Alexander Baumjohann
#6) Ryan McGowan
#9) Adam (Alfie) Le Fondre
#11) Kosta Barbarouses (1)
#13) Brandon O’Neill
#17) Anthony Caceres
#19) Chris Zuvela


#1) Andrew Redmayne
#4) Alex Wilkinson
#7) Michael Zullo
#8) Paulo Retre
#10) Milos Ninkovic
#12) Trent Buhagiar
#25) Joel King
#26) Luke Brattan
#30) Tom Heward-Belle
#31) Luke Ivanovic


#2) Aaron Calver
#5) Jop van der Linden
#6) Josh Brillante
#11) Daniel De Silva (Loan)
#16) Reza Ghoochannejhad (Loan)
#18) Jacob Tratt
#20) Alex Cisak
#21) Mitch Austin
#22) Siem de Jong (Loan)
#24) Cameron Devlin


#14) Alex Brosque

(1) The press release said KB was on a multi-year contract without specifying how many years precisely, so I have given him the minimum of a two year contract though it may be more.

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#14) Alex Brosque (ascending to his throne in heaven)


Given that it appears that Jop, Siem, Reza and Josh are certain to leave and Calver gone, I hope the club re-signs:
Zuvela (assuming knee has recovered), Tratt and Devlin asap.

Would happily wait on thinking about the others (DDS, Austin and Caceres) while the recruitment team works out if there are better options out there - whether within the cap or as a marquee.

Is the Brilliant one certain to leave?

The new foreign signings will be interesting,I wouldnt mind Reza staying and having a full preseason.As well as Siem,but hes an injury risk too.

Jop isnt FC material.

I would actually give DDS and Caceres another season if their parent clubs allow.

Lock in Tratt as well.

I actually wouldn’t mind giving Reza another 12 months either in possible. We won this year with only 2 fully functioning foreign players - quite remarkable really.

I hope that the club doesn’t ‘waste’ a foreign spot on defenders. Have some faith in Tratt stepping up if partnered with Wilko

I think we will need another experienced CB, wilko has been amazing and played so many games but he won’t be there forever.

I think it will depend on what, if anything, happens with O’Neill and Brillante. If they stay, I can see us going with Wilko, Warland and Tratt as CB options.

Would love to keep SdJ for another season.

Reza improved as the end of the season, and would be happy to keep him on again and see how he went.

The CB partner for Wilko is huge. This has to be his last year so we need someone solid on a 2 yr deal. Hopefully then Tratt or Warland takes the 2nd CB spot 20/21.

Bart would be good.

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There’s the guy to partner Wilko and take over after him, dressing room personality needs to be checked first.

Reza, thanks for the winning penalty but nah get a wide forward player with pace so that we can have a different look and ALF can get back into the box.

Liam McGing, who played against Kawasaki the other night, has joined Sutherland:


He’s improved every year in the NPL and honestly I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had broken into the first team at some point.

For me

I’d resign Brillante, Tratt, and one of Devlin or Zuvela. Probably lean more towards Devlin since Zuvela will take time to recover from his knee injury and become match sharp again.

De Silva and Caceras could be handy options as back up to the first 11, but I’d not be upset if they left.

The rest can all leave.

Caceras has been excellent over the last 2 months,Citeh group own him but not sure for how long.The Fox picked him consistently to start and it was only a marquee that was in front of him.

IF a marquee defender comes(Bert,he wants $$$)Caceras is a good investment.

Cáceres os also important w.r.t. keeping the beard quotient going post Brosque. Redders has tried to step in, bless him, but his is too messy and lacks the requisite grooming to fill that breach. Maybe Jedinak would be a good replacement


Something has clicked for Caceres that hasnt been there since his career defining spell at Mariners. He isnt at that level but he has shown glimpses. The main thing working against him is we have a 1-2 marquee spots (in my mind - dont ruin it with facts - Siem is returning and we are just waiting for confirmation) as well as Trent and Tomic after that right side spot. It may make more sense to not go after him and save the coin for CB/CM.

I’d keep Reza - I know it didn’t exactly click, but there’s obviously ability there, he seems like he’d be brilliant in the dressing room and for team culture and with a pre-season could pull it together. If his wage demands are reasonable, I’d take a punt.

Most of the out of contracts are keep for me except Austin, Van Der Linden and maybe Cisak.

I’d keep Reza. Give him a full pre-season, good workrate, seems a good fit in the playing squad

He’s on big money in Cyprus. I am deeply in love with him but he isn’t a marquee. Not sure if he will cop a huge paycut.

If we don’t keep Caceres where else are going to get a bearded Uruguayan from?

I’m really hoping this is agent talk:

The Covert Agent can reveal the Sky Blues have put a three-year deal worth $2.5 million on the table in a huge show of faith from the club in the Kiwi.

He isn’t worth marquee money for a club of our size and I doubt he has three great years left given how reliant he is on pace.

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