State Politics Thread (non NSW)

Theres a federal politics and NSW gov one but none for other Australian politics. Final WA senate results result in this

Meanwhile, the Daylight Saving Party’s Wilson Tucker has been elected in the Mining and Pastoral Region after starting the count with just 98 votes, or 0.2 per cent.
Legalise Cannabis WA and Daylight Saving parties win seats in Western Australia's Legislative Council - ABC News

Another Legalise Cannabis seat in WA

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Such a joke. Daylight savings party got elected with 98 first preference votes and the guy elected has lived in the US for the past 3 years… Legalize Cannabis received only 2% of first preference votes…

Apparently neither Liberal or Labor parties will get a majority in Tasmania. Both said they don’t want a minority government. So what happens now?

Libs look only a seat or two short I’m sure they could get a deal with one of the independents. Pre election “we won’t be a minority” always get said but never get followed through

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Libs on 12 with 4 seats in doubt. Theyve won

Top lol’s in Melbourne

Lots of fuckwits winning preselection for the Libs over the last set of state elections.

Weird that the Victorian Libs went so badly at the last Federal poll too.

It’s not politics but some crazy shit going down in southern QLD.

You wonder if it’s some SovCit or NeoNazi types…

Sounds like it was pre-planned? Officers responding to a missing persons call were ambushed. One officer ended up hiding in a field before they tried to burn the officer out.


Clearly it’s left wing terrorism. It always is.

I wonder if he was also an accelerationist. Ambushing cops is pretty crazy even for a SovCit.

Sorry what does SovCit stand for again?

Sovereign Citizen. It’s an American conspiracy theory / legal theory / craziest shit you’ve ever read where the US government is not real. It’s a corporation and you as a legal entity are actually a corporation that you the real person are not really responsible for. It’s a construct to make you comply. So all laws that the government make are not enforceable because they only apply to you as a corporation rather than you as a person.

It makes no sense in the US - let alone exporting the concepts to anywhere else in the world.

They are lunatics.


Blimey they really do sound like lunatics. Thanks for the explanation

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Been around for a while:

Yeah and surprise surprise there is a vein of anti-antisemitism running right through he middle of it too.

Mr Roberts himself wrote that societies were deliberately being kept in the dark about this scam by their governments, and that “international bankers aim to dumb-down children through state-controlled education”.

He also believes that the UN’s non-binding sustainable development plan, Agenda 21, aims to “globally control resources, energy and finances while stealing private property rights and restricting or eliminating individual freedom of choice”.

He writes: “The objective is global control through global socialist governance by international bankers hiding control behind environmentalism.”

The newly-minted senator doubled down on those views on Friday, telling ABC Radio National: “It’s a small cabal of prominent international banks that are driving this.”