Streets of our town - the Sydney thread

I had no idea there was a bit of George Street near the QVB cars can share with the LR. If you drop off someone at the Hilton from Pitt you drive out onto George. Don’t like driving near the tram at all, even though it’s quite unlikely to swerve from its position. If it does, there are bigger problems.

Makes you appreciate the effort that went in pre-brutalist movement.

Have you ever driven in Melbourne?

It can take a little getting used too, although the feeling of aquaplaning when your tyres on the rails is kinda fun.

Trigger Warning - it’s a photo taken from an AFL game, which I know gives most of you a stroke, but I saw this photo of the SCG from the Swans/Geelong match yesterday that I though ya’ll might appreciate.

If you squint hard enough, you can pretend its something else going on in the foreground…

Fucking hooligans ruining the cricket pitch.


I was going to say it’s a bit of a stretch (for once, pardon the pun…) to call the person in purple a Hitler salute, but then I saw this, and now I won’t sleep for weeks…


Nice photo and sunset though

Old mate from the RBB has been looking for a new gig…

Petrol stations on the autostrada have full range of booze & panini’s. :heart_eyes:

Hooks turns are stupid.

I was near Paddy Market’s light rail station pre new light rail & saw some old Chinese lady obliviously crossing in front of a tram despite the beeping of the driver & slamming on the brakes she got hit in the shoulder & spun around like a top. She was Ok though. Still see people on George Street playing chicken with those things.

I’m in the bus on the harbour bridge stuck in traffic. I look over to the next lane to see the source of the hold up. A motorcycle rider is laying on the road flat out not moving. Hope he is going to be ok. I feel awful just seeing it.

I’d imagine traffic will be a mess in a few minutes but there is more important things

One of the best sandwiches I have ever had in my life was en route to Puglia at an Autogrill. Phenomenal.

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One of the good things about Contiki Bus Drivers having to stop every two hours if the fact that we had to stop at Italian Autogrills. The hard bit was trying to work out the ordering process.

Blame the Guardia Di Finanza ( Italian tax authorities who carry guns ) for that. :joy:


I’ve just gotten back from Italy and I had the most amazing sandwich of my life in Vigoleno, Emilia Romagna. Honestly didn’t know it was possible to have such tasty ham, Grana Padano and tomato. Like each part of the sandwich was the best of that particular thing I have ever tasted, for such a basic sandwich it had no right to be that good. To top it off, this was the location.


Are you an Assassin?


I ha a similar “best sandwich ever” in Souther France. Prosciutto, goats cheese, tomato and basil. I had it 10 years ago and can still remember every bite

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A 3am Paris bolognese panini for me.

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I must be a heathen. A Rueben in New York is my most memorable



Mine was the classic mortadella and pistachio. Take me fucking back.

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I had a really good sandwich from a place in Bathurst called 'The Food We Do".

But we like cultural and shit out here.

When people talk about the great food in New York, I always scoff. It is well over rated and I genuinely believe Sydney has significantly better food in all categories, bar sandwiches.

The sandwiches in New York are phenomenal. Rubens, meatball subs, chicken parms, italian sandwiches, cheese steaks :yum:

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