Streets of our town - the Sydney thread

Cycling around my area isn’t too bad I find. The M7 cycleway is about 5-6kms from my house, and then you have the Glenfield - Liverpool - Parramatta cycleway, which then connects to the Parramatta River cycleway up to Gladesville, or the Sydney Olympic Park Cycleway.

Other direction you’ve got Mt Annan Botanical Gardens (which has a mountain bike track).

My issue is I would probably cycle more if I had somebody to ride with. Kinda like a gym buddy, keep the motivation high.

I get really motivated for a few weeks, and then fall away.

Surely there’s some MAMIL club around you?

This sign has probably been here a while.

“Life. Be in it.” fitness campaign must have been early 80s?

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It’s older than that, rolled out nationally in 1978.


Great now i have that song in my head

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Skate skate skate skate skate, skate skate

Was still around when I was in primary school in the mid-late 80s