Sydney fc 2019—2020: back to back

First signings announced, headlined by foord, logarzo & Polias. Whilst bledsloe & huerta are confirmed as returning from the states, & Remy siemson returns from her season on the dark side.

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Give them the trophy now. :wink:

That’s pretty solid, I think only McCaskill, Colaprico and Harrison missing from the GF side? And De Vanna, but tbh she tailed off pretty badly in the last 12 months.

Prediction: Ally Green to play a full season at LB and arse Catley from the Olympics team. She’s a gun.

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no Savanah Madskills?

Reckon we could still see Savannah join - she joined fairly late last year in pre-season. Most excited about keeping Foord. 10 goals last year without ever getting into super super form was great.

Yeah, she was signed the week of the first game.

Interesting that the club has announced a large portion of the squad first up, previously they’ve announced all the squadie & youngsters first then filtered the big names through.

Think it was to stop what happened last year with us being the last to announce signings - means we won’t get rival clubs announcing signing players off us before we’ve had any say on our squad publicly.

Great to see Huerta back. That grand final goal was definitely one of the goals of the season. And liking the hope for Savannah returning

2-1 win vs Jets in a pre-season friendly in Wagga. New signing Hawkesby with both goals - looks like same formation as usual. Were missing Princess Ibini, Shay Evans, and Hristodoulou, Bledsoe, Huerta, and Latsko for the game, among others.

Bledsoe won the GKOTS in the MLS as well.

Kick off against victory soon

Up 2-0 inside 30 minutes.

Good start to the season. 2-0 at HT


Saw second half. Enjoyable game and both SFC and MV also looked good at time. Player of the match - again - for me was Terri Polias. She is really the full-deal footballer. Wins every tackle, runs the midfield, can change the pattern and speed of play, excellent passer, and something of an attacking weapon when she gets forward. How Milicic did not take her to the WC is beyond me. She has everything we needed then but did not have to protect our back 4 from those through balls that tore us apart.
And young Shadeene Evans looks to have a fantstic footballing future. Looking forward to seeing more of her play.

I love T at Sydney but Aivi Luik is the best #6 the Matilda’s have and even she didn’t get a look in for the WC, so…

Kennedy back from injury, should play tomorrow against Adelaide. Kickoff is 7:30pm. Not sure what to make of ADL this season other than Mary Fowler will be their Sam Kerr.

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Really scrappy 1-0 win that. Actually shocked a goal was scored, looked destined for 0-0. First time we’ve had back-to-back clean sheets in a long time as well.

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Cruised past Perth 3-1 with a brace from Siemsen and one to Foord from the spot. Means both teams are top of the ladder

Ye the girls!

And if the youth team had played this weekend, they would have had the chance to go top too (need a win by 2 goals).